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Are You a Fan of Friends? Here’s Why New York City Is Where You Need To Be This Fall!

There is always something new happening in a bustling city like New York, which is known as the financial capital of the world due to its extremely busy and highly lucrative financial market. One of the defining features of the city that strikes every tourist and resident alike is the amazingly gorgeous architecture that it boasts, with skyscrapers that are some of the tallest in the world.

But, now, fans of the popular TV sitcom Friends would be delighted to discover that a pop-up is coming up that promises to deliver a whole new experience of the show. Although this is not the first time that a Friends-related experience has come about in the city, but this experience aims to be one of a kind.

Fans of the show are well aware of this set of Central Perk, a coffee shop featured in almost every episode of the show.

Not Letting Go

It has become clear to the entertainment industry that the show Friends is here to stay no matter how far ahead we move into the 21st century. Just imagine, the show had ended around 15 years ago, yet it continues to dominate streaming services like Netflix as people demand re-runs simply because they cannot get enough of it. Many people would tell you they have watched the show numerous times, yet have not gotten bored yet. This makes Friends a true TV phenomenon.

This iconic fountain, which was used as a backdrop for the starting sequence featuring the entire cast of the show, will also be a part of the pop-up experience.

Of course, to such die-hard fans, the opportunity to actually experience some of the most prominent features of the show like the unforgettable locations is one-in-a-million. And that is exactly what they will be getting this fall as, according to reports, pop-ups of an interactive nature would be placed all across the city to make the experience accessible by all, in addition to the opportunity of visiting the iconic places shown in the show.

Promised To Be Very Realistic

If you thought that was enough to satisfy your Friends fanhood, you are in for a pleasant surprise. According to reports, these pop-ups would not simply be carts with Friends-branded merchandise or a photo-op with cut-outs of the lead characters of the show. In fact, an entire replicated version of the coffee shop frequented by the Friends characters, called Central Perk, would be there.

Also, fans would also have access to replicas of the two apartments owned by the characters Rachel and Monica, and by Chandler and Joey. These replicas would not be just for display, as fans would be allowed to walk-through them to have a fully immersive experience.

The show continues to charm audiences around the world even after all this time.

Warner Bros made a press release and have also confirmed that the fountain, which fans of the show are entirely familiar with as it is shown during the opening credits sequence, would also become part of this experience.

We are not sure what kind of props would be made available for the fans so that they can take memorable photographs. Perhaps it would be too much to expect them to have a turkey available just so fans could place it on their heads, like Joey does in one of the episodes of the show, and take photographs for their Instagram. Regardless, if you are a fan of Friends, then this exhibition seems like one you should not miss.

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