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This Amazing House Just Sold For $21 Million, and You Would Never Guess The New Owner!

It seems like not a day goes by that a luxurious (and very expensive) house is bought and/or sold by some celebrity in the US.

While some of them have become notorious for trading houses faster than people trade cars, others make very rare expenditure on real estate but when they do, they surely go all the way. Yes, we are referring to the 21 million dollar house that has just been purchased by Alicia Keys with her husband Swizz Beatz.

As musicians make a lot of money, buying this house has certainly not posed a lot of burden to the couple.

This California mansion must have been in high demand to have sold for this high a price, but its features are out of this world as well, making it sensible for Keys to have spent all this money on a house.

The sale was confirmed by Douglas Elliman, the firm which had been handling the listing of the mansion, through an announcement made on the news daily called Business Insider, and surprisingly, it also claimed that this was the house that inspired the design of Tony Stark’s house in the Marvel movies.

What Does Tony Stark’s House Look Like?

While the $21 million price tag most likely does not include a premium for the house being the inspiration for Stark’s residence in the MCU films, there is no denying the fact that it does have a very futuristic appeal to it.

It is spread over an area of around 11,550 sq. ft., and while obviously it does not have any AI-based assistant like Stark did in the movies called JARVIS, there is some automation that has been installed to make smart living possible.

Each and every space of this house is immaculately designed, making efficient use of all the different areas

For example, the lights which are installed throughout the property can be controlled through a centralized system, all accessible through an iPad, which is also able to control the sound as well as the in-house movie theatre that spans two-stories.

For those who love nature, they would not be disappointed either as the location of the house, a cliff that has gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean, would certainly fulfill their requirements as well.

Designed By A Genius

Naturally, such a state-of-the-art house which takes into consideration both the nature-specific and modernized features that are being demanded by people in a house can only be delivered by someone who is an architectural genius.

And indeed, that stands true for this house as well. According to the listing, this property was designed by none other than Wallace E Cunningham, who has been named as one of the 100 best designers in the world by Architectural Digest.

The cliff-side location makes this house look exactly like the one Tony Stark had in the MCU films

Apparently, Cunningham had wanted to make a house that was not only able to accommodate the larger-than-life views it had in its surroundings, but also one which provided many spaces which were extremely usable by the residents, which is probably where the modernization element came in.

The estate is called The Razor House, named because a monument called Razor Point exists within the same locality. And now it will become the new home for Keys and Beatz.

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