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Efficient and Frugal Home Cooking Strategies to Learn During Quarantine

All of us are trying to outlive the virus while eating homemade food and trying new recipes at home. Although we feel comfort and happiness in what we cook, that joy is being followed by sudden guilt of how much we are spending on these recipes we’re craving.

It looks like our food budgets have increased, while the whole purpose of eating at home is to save money. We talked to some experienced foodies about the matter to trim the spending. Here’s what they had to share with us.

Drift from recipes

Daniel Gritzer, who works as a culinary chief at SeriousEats, shared that although recipes are “special guides” that assist us in creating new and energizing foods, they can rapidly prompt overspending.

That is because you overbuy the ingredients that you are going to use once or twice. In order to limit the number of meals that you make from every new recipe every week, peruse the recipes for motivation instead of precise guidelines. That will help you trim the extra cost.

Limited usage of meat

Almost every individual spends the most on buying meat. Gritzer suggested that in order to save money on meat, use an enhanced approach, which means that using the meat as a supporting player in the meal. He further added that there are unlimited tricks on making the dishes meatier than they really are.

He gave examples about serving poached chicken with lentils and eating stir-fries. Meanwhile, Gritzer gave a tip on looking for meat that is less in demand because these are not pricey as opposed to others, like shoulder cuts are somewhat affordable. So are the cheeks.

Use what you have

There are a couple of websites in which you can input the ingredients you have on hand, and it will provide you results with what you can make. Even if the meal that you are trying to make consists of more ingredients than what you have sitting in your refrigerator or cupboard, you should try to find a role for it.

Invent new things like throwing the leftovers in the pan, along with scrambling in a few eggs for breakfast. Cat Cora, a famous chef, suggested stocking up refrigerators with jarred items, canned beans, pasta, rice, and groceries during the course of the pandemic. She said that these items are less expensive and last longer while staying delicious.

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