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Kayne West Transforms a Basic Bathroom Into an Enchanted Forest to Congratulate The Missus on Becoming a Billionaire

Kayne West, originally known for being an outclass rapper, songwriter, and music producer, is now coming to the frontlines as a Guru of expressing loving sentiments to his wife, Kim Kardashian West. We can all stand witness to the fact that his grand gestures are nothing less than perfect. The latest in his grandeur exhibition of love was his private attempt at wooing his wife by transforming their bathroom into a beautiful “enchanted forest.”

Getty Images | The latest part of Kanye’s romantic feats is his magical enchanted forested themed bathroom decor

We got our first look at this beautifully designed bathroom back when Kayne West displayed the unique basin-less sinks incorporated into their $60 million mansion, that are patterned on an Axel Vervoordt’s minimalistic design. However, we saw an entirely different look of the place on Tuesday, 30th June 2020, when Kim Kardashian shared her excitement through twitter at being surprised by an overwhelming display of fresh florals from Mark’s Garden.

In the video she posted on social media, the Hidden Hill Mansion’s washroom held a plethora of bouquets, an ensemble of differently colored flowers varying from the muted pinks to the more novel blues, purples, and greens to give an impression of a magical forest. Sheltered among the blooms were different kinds of grass patches and in the center of the entire collection was a tall tree displaying an armload of silver tinted leaves.

Hello Magazine | Kim Kardashian’s bathroom before being transformed

The only way to express the visual appeal of the arrangement is by resonating Kim Kardashian’s words who simplified the indescribable experience as “beautiful and visually appealing” because such a pure representation of love should only be attributed to the simplest of praises.

This is not the first time that we have been privy to such an awestriking bond of love since the power couple tied the knot back in 2014. Though neither the rapper nor the beauty queen, and a mother of four, divulged the details behind this sweet surprise, speculations suggest that it was to commemorate Kim’s grand win at successfully issuing 20% shares of her cosmetic and fragrance company, to the beauty conglomerate giant, Coty. These shares of Kim Kardashian West’s brand had a total face value of $200 million, thus pricing Kim’s entrepreneurial venture at a billion dollars. | Kim Kardashian’s bathroom after being transformed

In addition to this grand gesture, only a day before this romantic exhibition, Kayne West had proudly congratulated his wife on her twitter handle “for officially becoming a billionaire.” He praised her for her resolution and determination, saying that she’d weathered the wildest of storms, so God is now raining down his love on her and their beautiful family.

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