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Aaron Spelling’s Wife Candy Lists Their Former L.A. Mansion For $165 Million

The famous American producer Aaron Spellings once owned a mansion with his wife, Candy. The property now awaits its new owner.

The English Times / The mansion covers an area of 56,500 square feet and is located amid natural beauty.

Little About Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling (late) was a television and film producer, born in 1923, who died in 2006. He’s well–known for being the most prolific television producer in US history. Moreover, he got married in 1968 to Candy, and the couple was blessed with a daughter (Tori Spelling) and a son (Randy). In 2001, he was diagnosed with oral cancer and died in his mansion on 23rd June 2006.

Forbes once ranked Aaron Spellings as the 11th top-earning producer throughout the US. His productions include famous TV shows such as:

  • The Love Boat
  • Heart toHeart
  • Beverly Hills
  • The 7th Heaven
  • The Rookies
  • Dynasty and many more.

Candy Lists The Manor For $165 Million

The former house of Aaron Spelling (late) and his wife (Candy), and the daughter (Tori Spelling), was listed for $165 Million. The property is 4.7 acres and contains 123 rooms. It is again for sale after being sold for $119.75 Million.

Nonetheless, the mansion’s current owner is unknown, but, previously, it was purchased by a limited liability company. Aaron Spelling’s mansion was built in 1991, especially for the Spelling family. However, it was known to be the country’s greatest and biggest mansion in Los Angeles. It contained a footprint of about 56,500 sq. ft.

The Mansion Is A Dream House

J News / With updated decoration, the mansion is equivalent to a mid-sized hotel.

Candy has decorated her house with great eccentric touches, including rooms for various types of work such as:

  • A dedicated room for gift wrapping
  • A room for flower cutting
  • A room full of dolls collection

Moreover, the room also has:

  • Dedicated bowling area
  • An enormous pool
  • Beauty salon
  • Screening room
  • Front and backyard garden

She also mentioned that the doll room was specially made to keep a collection of 1000 dolls at a time. She bought numberless dolls for Tori when she was a toddler, but she was afraid of playing with them because Tori thought that the dolls were looking at her. In addition to that, according to the Los Angeles Times, her house is equivalent to a mid-sized hotel.

It’s High Time For A Change

The Los Angeles Times / Candy intends to sell the mansion given her “new preferences and desire for a change.”

In addition, she added that now it’s high time for a change, and she needs a smaller one to live in. That’s the biggest reason she’s selling her mansion. Furthermore, Candy welcomed PEOPLE soon after putting the house up for sale in 2009. The lady mentioned that she had spent four years, 24/7, planning the palatial. And now she wanted to live in a smaller house, given the required changes of the time. 

Though, she had wonderful memories in the mansion, as she made it by herself, spending years creating an outstanding dreamy layout with many rooms and almost every amenity. However, she feels like it’s a new chapter that has started in her life.

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