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Americans Say the Television Home They’d Most Like to Move Into is Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Mansion

Ever since the advent of sitcoms Americans have had a longstanding love for their favorite television shows. Loyal fans have grown to love their favorite onscreen characters, with some shows extending for a better part of our childhood and adolescence. These shows, lasting for almost 10 years on end, become ingrained in cultures as all-time great hits that undergo countless reruns decades later. One such show was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Unlike other shows, this show has more than just a cult following.

The show that started as a look into the goofy life of Will Smith, slowly turned into a coming off age drama that had emotions, comedy and drama  all intermingled with Carlton’s crazy dance moves. The show is still watched and loved by millions around the world who watched the show in the days of it’s inception when it aired almost 3 decades ago. Many of those fans, who have now become parents themselves, find themselves sitting down with their now teenage kids who are just discovering the hilariousness of Will’s failed schemes. 

Recently Will Smith partnered up with the famous AirBnb to celebrate the completion of thirty years since the inception of the show. Fans were given a glimpse into the “real” mansion that was used for shots on the show.

To the surprise of many, the interior is a lot different, and certainly not the 90’s themed house that we see on the show. That’s because the show never actually shot any scenes inside the house. The famous lounge where Will Smith had an emotional encounter with his dad, or the kitchen where we used to hear Geoffrey’s snide remarks were all actually a set. 

If you could pick one celebrity house to live, which one would you choose?

Given the choice to ask fans if they could pick one home, from any one American sitcom, to live for the rest of their lives, most people say they would love to live in the Bel-Air mansion. One reason for that may be the associated nostalgia, but there’s also the fact that the house was one of the best-looking houses ever shown on-screen. The real estate itself, even if it’s not located in Bel air, is an amazing place to live.

Fans have been raving about it for decades, which has finally convinced the owners to let some lucky folks spend a night or two at the house. On top of that Will Smith has also ensured that the trip doesn’t go down without a little nostalgia. Inside the house you’ll find surprising memorabilia from the show, especially in the room that’s been designated as “Will’s bedroom”. 

Mescon/ Flicker | The renewed season of Full House also captures shots of the Painted Laides

Another famous family sequel of the 90s is Full House. The exterior of the house, the iconic red door with a golden round knob and the street that it’s located in was featured on every episode of the show.

The Tanner house is actually named as “the Painted Ladies’ ‘ as the street shares the same exterior of the houses, just in different colors, and is located at Boderick Street, San Francisco. The house is now a private property. The show wasn’t actually shot inside of the house, but on a set. The interior of the house has been renovated into a modern living with the sale price of around 5 millon dollars.

VMonte/ Pixabay | Downton Abbey takes place in visually stunning castles

BBC hit show, casting Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey, which portrays the life of an aristocratic family, otherwise known as the Crawleys, and their servants who live downstairs, was set in Highclere Castle in Newbury, United Kingdom. Tickets are available to visit the castle and have a tea party like an Earl and a Countess.

Genevieve/ Flicker | The New Girl apartment is an amazing place to live, but only if you don’t live in it with Schmidt

Another famous house is the one used in New Girl. Actors that played the roles of Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Jess shared a loft which is located in Los Angeles, United states. The apartment is called The Binford Loft.

If you’re still not over the AMC series Breaking Bad, you can visit the popular White house in Albuquerque, New Mexico and recreate some scenes from the show however the real owners aren’t too polite about people coming up on their driveway and snapping pictures of the house and ringing the bell wishing to visit the interior of the house

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