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Another Celebrity Joins the Property Deal Fest – Ariana Grande Buys Two Mansions

The past few weeks have seen a horde of celebrities engage in selling their expensive houses. Maybe it’s the pandemic; perhaps it’s just that time of the year. But news bits of celebs getting rid of their luxury properties have been doing rounds like wildfire. And although another high-profile name has joined this list, it’s not for selling but buying new houses. Well, at least someone’s bringing in the business!

According to reports, Ariana Grande recently splashed a few millions to purchase two homes, one in Hollywood Hills and another one at Montecito. She got the two properties for a total amount of $20.45 million. Here’s spilling the beans.


Insider | Ariana Grande recently bought two mansions for a total of $20.45 million

One house in Hollywood Hills

The singer purchased the property at Hollywood Hills for $13.7 million. It is a brand new three-story house designed by the iDGroup, a Los Angeles based firm. Built in 2018, the house will see its first occupant in Grande. Her new home covers about 11,000 square feet and oversees the Canyon and the Pacific Ocean.

With a modern and minimalistic exterior, the interior of the house is furnished with hardwood floors and 16-foot ceilings. It embodies a fitness studio, a 300-bottle wine cellar, a cedar-lined wellness center, and a bar. Additionally, the property contains a swimming pool that is accessible through pocketing walls, and decks and glass-lined balconies surround the outdoor space.s It is said to have four bedrooms and seven bathrooms in addition to a home office.

Dirt | The Hollywood Hills property is a luxurious four-bedroom and seven-bathroom house

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Second One in Montecito

The Grammy winner purchased her second property from Ellen DeGeneres. The historic Montecito English Tudor home is anticipated to be for a family member. It was given some final touches before the superstar bought it for about $7 million.

The property comes with a new modern kitchen that is accessible from the dining and living rooms. Upgrades to the house include the addition of a new sleek laundry room, a study, and a snack bar.

The 300-year-old house displays the grand and revivalist architecture of the early 20th century. And though the property traditionally encompassed two separate barns before 1980, they were disassembled and shipped to Montecito, where they were integrated into a single house while maintaining their structures.

The house features rows of casement windows and some hulking stone and brick fireplaces. The interior is designed with vault timber-frame ceilings, and the exterior is barricaded with trees and rustic patios.

Variety | She bought the one in Montecito from Ellen DeGeneres

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Her current whereabouts

The “Thank You, Next” singer is currently residing in a rented home in Beverly Hills. With these two properties, the superstar can enjoy more luxurious living. Though some are shocked by the lack of privacy which the Hollywood Hills property comes with (with a drive in the nearby streets the rooms in the house can be seen), it’s evident that Ariana Grande wants to be seen!

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