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Apple Teases Investors Over The Increase in iPhone XR Sales

Ever since the very first iPhones got released more than a decade ago, and in fact, it is the most popular line of smartphones with over 1.2 billion sold worldwide. It has evolved through time as it continues to adapt to the massive innovative changes in the world of technology.

Their stocks and sales have managed to reach the top but just like every other company, nothing stays at the top of the pyramid and it would seem that the latest iPhones that were released not too long ago didn’t seem to attract as much people, hence their sales didn’t go over the top but the company revealed that they have bounced back once more.

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Apple’s Stocks and Sales

They were once unstoppable when it comes to their stocks soaring nonstop over the years, but with the competition continue to raise the company managed to hit a 20 percent below an all-time high. One proof of this is when they lost over a hundred billion from their historical trillion dollar market valuation earlier this year.

This would be their eighth consecutive week of decline and it has benefits considered as the worst since the financial crisis about ten years ago.

Earlier this month they have revealed that they, unfortunately, had lower-than-expected orders and shipments and it turns out that this is not the first time this happened because this has been the fourth straight quarter that things haven’t been going well.

Experts believe that this caused Apple to stop reporting the individual unit sales from then on, as well as the revenue figures for their smartphone. It is known to be a strategic move so that their investors and stockholders will not be afraid or worried about the sudden change. Last week, the stocks fell once more by another 5 percent and it was reported to be caused by at least four suppliers of iPhones that slashed the revenue forecasts. Despite all these massive and disappointing changes, Apple revealed that the sales of their iPhone XR is currently doing incredible compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Even if they announced that they will no longer reveal any figures involving the sales of their iPhones, Apple announced that the XR seemed to be having a great success since it is technically their cheapest one amongst the newest units that they released not too long ago.

Apple’s lowest priced iPhone XR is the best-selling iPhone so far compared to the iPhones XS and XS Max because it is only less than $800.

Apple vs Microsoft

When Apple reached the trillion dollar mark earlier this year, experts speculated that it was Amazon who will surely follow and keep up. However, it seems that Microsoft is currently proving that it hasn’t lost its touch in the industry and can still be at the top. They are slowly but surely making their way as if they are taking advantage of Apple’s struggles in the past couple of quarters. They are now battling on who’s going to be the largest public company, with Microsoft leading with over $2 billion ahead of Apple.

Apple reached $1 trillion in market value this year, making them the very first company to do so in the entire world, but Microsoft and Amazon have been trying to overthrow Apple for the position for months now. Microsoft is known to be a veteran in this game since they have dominated the industry for quite some time especially with most computers in the world hanging on to their operating system.

When Apple came into the picture and revealed their much more innovated and advanced operating system in the rise of the smartphones, they immediately took over. However, analysts believe that Microsoft really has what it takes to have this turmoil in favor to them since their number one rivalry is struggling.

It was last August when Apple hit the trillion dollar market cap, but in October, Microsoft managed to hit $1.1 trillion but it was difficult for both companies to make it stay that way. Apple seemed to have been struggling to get back up and Microsoft is slowly easing their way up once more. However, some experts also speculate that Apple will surely have something new for next year that may surprise everyone and it could turn things around for both of them. Although not completely kicking out of the game, Amazon seems to be doing well except for the current controversy they’re facing against their workers.

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