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These Apps Will Organize Your Life Like Magic

Check out These 10 Highly Recommended Apps To Get Your Life Organized Starting 2017

The new year may have already begun, but it is never too late to put a semblance of order in your life. In this digital age, most people are always on the go and hardly have the time to sit down and scribble the things they need to do on their planner or calendar. Posting a quick note on the refrigerator does not count because we’re talking about serious organizing skills. Thanks to technology, that part of our lives has been made much easier. Take a look at these ten marvelous apps that can do wonders for your busy life and relieve you of stress, worry, and clutter. These apps can be downloaded for free usually on both iOS and Android.

Document 5

This app is a nifty file manager, PDF reader, and browser all rolled into one. It allows you to view and annotate documents. What’s more, it acts as a media player where you can see and listen to your favorite movies and play music. Its document viewer is compatible with common file formats and lets you highlight, underline, and strikeout text in a PDF document. Because it is a robust file manager, the app can also enable you to extract files from your computer, sync with iCloud, Dropbox, and other cloud services. Finally, as a media player, you can access, download and copy photos, films, and music effortlessly.

Last Pass

The app is a password manager that stores all your passwords and logins in the “Vault.” It helps you come up with strong passwords and keeps track of your personal information in one secure location. The app goes even further by automatically filling browsers and apps so you can log in easily. It surely makes your online transactions a breeze.

Notion Email Intelligence

Artur Szczybylo/Shutterstock

It lets you improve your communication by learning from your behavior to allow your most important emails to stand out in your inbox. The remaining emails composed of spam, coupons, and the like, are grouped together for a quicker email cleanup. The app gives specific and “smart” notifications based on questions on your “Radar.” You are also enabled with a host of “intelligent” features such as message snoozing, custom app badge accounts, one-touch cleaning, search, and much more. It has a 95% importance accuracy which increases over time as you learn and utilize the app.

Apps can do wonders for your busy life and relieve you of stress, worry, and clutter.


It can do more than organizing a picnic for you and your family. The Picnic app is your next-generation family management dashboard that organizes your family’s activities. You and your family members can access and update the events through a shared family calendar, to-do lists, family locator, meal planner, and even medical records — all in one place. Be updated as well with news and special events concerning the family. All these features aim to help simplify your daily family life.


Now, you need not worry about missing out on the interesting reading material when you find something on the internet but want to view later. Pocket lets you ‘save for later articles, videos, or anything that catches your fancy from Flipboard, Twitter, Pulse, and Zite. You can opt to go back to the material through your email or web browser whenever you’re ready. Access it from your phone, tablet, or computer without even a need for an internet connection. That’s indeed pretty awesome!


This app is suitable for those who work on shifts. Creating shifts and assigning duties are made easy through an intuitive drag and drop interface that’s fast to use. Mark your work days and export all your scheduled shifts with the same start and end times. If you’re a business owner or a person responsible for overseeing the work of a staff that goes on shifts, then this app is the one for you.


It makes your life uncomplicated by merging all your duplicate phone contacts with a simple tap. Furthermore, you can create a back-up of your contacts list and perform a fast search, too. As a result, your address book becomes more user-friendly and smart. This app is especially useful to those who have a lot of contacts and refer to their address book all the time.

Out of clutter, find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein


With this app, you can check all the items in your to-do-list off! You will learn to love managing your tasks by easily accessing your pre-set tasks of the day. This app helps you keep track of your accomplishments so you become more focused and productive. Todoist lets you prioritize tasks and schedule deadlines. And it doesn’t stop there. Todoist allows you to share your list with people who are involved in your task for easy collaboration.

VECTOR FUN/Shutterstock


It is your very own smart personal assistant with you 24/7. Like a trusted and efficient assistant, the app knows your calendar, to-do list, and other important notes. It knows every important detail that it needs to know — from your utilities to your bank, service providers, social media networks and so on. It then notifies you of the things you need to do (like pay your bills) and assists you to take care of things within the app itself.

Unroll Me

It is not uncommon for you to receive newsletter subscriptions which at times can be overwhelming. This app is one great way to clean up your inbox. It immediately views your list of subscriptions and chooses the ones that you don’t like with just one click. Unroll Me is free on iOS.

A simple app can do a lot to change your life. Can you imagine what it means to use a number of them? Download one or more now and start feeling the difference.


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