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Ariana Grande Breaks Off Engagement With Pete Davidson

Grande And Davidson’s Relationship

Sources report that Grande and Davidson have called off their engagement of 4 months. The relationship between Grande, a Grammy nominee and, Davidson, SNL star was originally confirmed by a media outlet on the 21st of May. The news of their relationship came only 2 weeks after the confirmation of the breakup between Grande and her former boyfriend, Late Mac Miller. It was also a week after Davidson himself confirmed breaking up with his ex, Cazzie David, whom he dated for one year.

During the period for which their relationship lasted, Davidson constantly joked about it being Ariana’s house of cards in which he was only living. While speaking on the Howard Stern Show about 3 weeks ago, the SNL star noted that he was a lucky guy.

During the period for which their relationship lasted, Davidson constantly joked about it being Ariana’s house of cards in which he was only living.

A source also told a media outlet that Davidson and Grande had been talking about where their relationship was headed before Grande finally ended up breaking off her engagement to Davidson last week. However, they both appeared on SNL and were publicly displaying affection indicating that a relationship was still ongoing. That made it more shocking when reports were released on Sunday afternoon that their relationship was over.

A source has reported that both of them still nurse hopes of working on their relationship and may likely pick up their relationship. However, they are currently taking the time apart. According to the source, Davidson always remained supportive of Grande and that was the reason why there will always be a special place for him in her heart.

No one knows the effect that the break up would have on their existing living arrangement since Davidson repeatedly made it known in various interviews that Grande allowed him to stay in her Chelsea apartment that is reportedly worth $16 million.

Sources claim that she has been occupying a different apartment and no one knows what will happen to their apartment at the moment. Another source told a media outlet that Grande had been having emotional struggles and she wasn’t in a position where she could easily plan her own wedding. According to the source, a lot of overwhelming things have happened to her and she has decided to slow things down.

Overwhelming Feelings

It will be recalled that on 7th of September, Mac Miller, her ex-boyfriend died as a result of drug overdose. Their relationship had gone on for nearly two years before their breakup sometime in May. Days after their breakup, he had gotten involved in a DUI crash. A lot of people attacked Grande across different social media platforms claiming that she didn’t have the right to leave the relationship which she referred to as a toxic relationship. After his death, a lot of trolls still continued to attack her.

A lot of people attacked Grande across different social media platforms claiming that  she didn’t have the right to leave what she referred to as a toxic relationship

A source told E! that Grande was going through emotional pains as a result of Mac’s death and currently feels overwhelmed. The source added that she was yet to give herself sufficient time to grieve and heal and it feels like she can no longer control her emotions. The source further added that she was devastated and trying to work on her feelings because she knows she needs to take out time for herself at the moment.

Coping Mechanism

Grande has reportedly been spending more time in her studio where she regards as her happy place. Insider reports that she is working on making new music as that affords her a good distraction. According to the insider, she intends to pour out her soul and heart into making music and her time in the studio has reportedly helped her handle her emotions.

Reps for both Davidson and Grande have refused to comment on the issue. Grande has reportedly deleted videos and photos of Davidson from all social media accounts and Davidson’ accounts are inactive.


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