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Ariana Grande’s Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Surprisingly … Doesn’t Look Much Like Her

There’s no reason to feel down if you can’t meet your celeb crush in person because most of the popular personalities already found another look-alike versions of themselves in the form of wax.

With the more than 20 locations from all over the world, Madame Tussauds’ wax museums are a sure-fire hit to tourists and, as per this point, fans who don’t have the means to take selfies with their idols in the flesh. While it boasts some of the most lifelike sculptures that would leave you dumbfounded, others will just have you ROTFL.

‘Classic Ari’

The latest to join the list of the worst celebrity Madame Tussauds wax figures is that of Ariana Grande, multiple award-winning singer who is one of the leading contemporary artists of her generation.

When news came out that her sculpture is finally available in the London museum, Arianators’ hearts skipped a beat. They might be especially excited to get a glimpse of the look-alike since they had a hand in choosing which style will be showcased, the “Classic Ari,” the “Princess Ari,” or the “Sassy Ari.”

Gabriela Beres/Shutterstock
Fans opted for the “Classic Ari” for a wax figure

The “Classic Ari” won, which depicts the classic Ariana look: high ponytail, knee-high boots, and over-sized sweatshirt. The hype was real and loud because the pop star is obviously having her high time nowadays, thanks to chart-topping hits.

But when the wax figure was revealed, it left a loud buzz, and not for the right reasons. Although the museum believed it nailed their latest work, a lot of fans didn’t agree and took to social media to say that the sculpture looked nothing like the singer.

Not Thrilled

Other fans who are certainly not thrilled have urged Madam Tussauds museum to just melt the wax altogether to avoid further embarrassment. According to reports, it usually takes about 15 sculptors to create one celeb project and involves rigorous and tedious processes, which is why the institution might not opt to heed the public’s advice to just burn the work.

Fans were not amused by Ariana’s wax sculpture.

Amid all these, it is interesting to see how the “7 Rings” singer reacts. Ariana decided to break her silence on the famed museum’s work on her wax, revealing she was just as confused as her fans about it. She quipped that she just wanted to talk, at least she’s not that mad like her fans. The 25-year-old may well be jealous of other celebrity wax figures that looked so much like the real deal that it became creepy.

Best Wax Figures

Priyanka Chopra’s version is way better than Ariana Grande’s

One of the best is that of Priyanka Chopra in New York City, which deserves an A+ for the on-point details like the diamond ring given by Nick Jonas. Kylie Jenner also has a nice look-alike in one of Madame Tussauds’ museum and in a blink of an eye, you can mistake the human being for the sculpture.

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