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The Awkwardness Between the Royal Duchesses – Interesting Secrets Revealed by New Book

Being members of the same family doesn’t necessarily mean that people should have the same opinions, behaviors, or goals. And when you’re part of not just any family but perhaps the most important and most famous family in the world, things can get even more complicated.

This fact is reiterated with a single close look at two of Britain’s most prominent personalities, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle’s relationship.


Yahoo | Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle’s relationship has always been the subject of speculation

While the world is a little too familiar with Prince Harry and Prince William’s apparent lifestyle difference, what many don’t know is that their wives also have often not been in complete agreement over petty things.

The differences the two duchesses have had are rather explicitly illustrated by a book that will be presented to the public soon. The book is about how Harry and Meghan are on the path of creating a modern royal family.

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The book not only addresses the strained relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry over the past few years, but it also highlights some of the awkward situations between Meghan and Kate. Although the press and media have often depicted the appearance of something like a war between the two ladies, the book denies the presence of such quarrels completely. It only describes some of the weird or awkward incidents between them.

The book, based on personal meetings with Meghan and Harry’s friends, states that Kate didn’t do much to bridge the gaps between her and Meghan’s thoughts. The two never seemed to find common ground between them except that they both lived in Kensington Palace.


Mirror | A new book is all set to reveal juicy secrets of their and their husbands’ relationships

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The book also presents a summary of Prince Harry’s unusual life path with Meghan and reviews some of the distinct moments in their relationship. While the book’s authors never conducted a personal interview with Harry or Meghan regarding the things covered in the book, they relied on the couple’s friends and their analysis of the royal news.

The revelation about the book also included a sneak-peek into several lines from the manuscript, some of which claimed that Harry was upset with a few actions issued by the Royal Commission. They further shed light on his dissatisfaction with other things that did not happen despite his and Meghan’s need.


PureWow | The authors didn’t interview Harry or Meghan for this, but relied on inputs from close friends

The authors have pointed out some of the reasons for the couple’s abandonment of the book’s royal life as well. It is known that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have moved to live in Los Angeles, with their son Archie, to settle there.

The book will be officially released in the United Kingdom on August 11.

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