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Baby Mama Olivia Munn Welcomes First Child With John Mulaney

You might think that this is wholesome news and there is nothing problematic about it – but guess again!

As it turns out, there’s quite a lot to unwrap here. A source claims that the actress and the comedian welcomed a baby boy on 24th November, and when People reached out to the stars for a statement, they didn’t respond. 

Shutterstock | Things might look perfect from afar, but often that’s far from the truth

You might be wondering what the big deal about this news is – celebrities having babies? 

No, there’s much more drama to it than that.

Hit by Divorce

John Mulaney was married to Anna Marie Tendler, and it was Mulaney who pulled the plug on the relationship in May then filed for divorce in July of 2021. This divorce came as a shock to not only the fans but to Tendler as well. It was reported that she was blindsided by the divorce and felt as if everything was going well.

It was clear that Anna Marie did not want to part ways. Hollywood watchers assumed that Mulaney’s reasons for rehab and treatment for cocaine and alcohol addiction led to the divorce.

Getty Images | No one suspected Munn to be the reason behind the divorce

New Lovers

In May of 2021, John Mulaney and Olivia Munn were spotted getting cozy together, and it looks like Mulaney was already moving on, but all hell broke loose when in September, the new couple was spotted, and eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that Munn was pregnant.

Mulaney later confirmed the news by announcing it in late September when making an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. However, it only gets messier from here. A celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi reported that they had received information from an anonymous source that Olivia Munn and John Mulaney are no longer a couple despite having a baby together.

Blending the Shade In

Now it looks like Anna Marie is not holding back either. The makeup artist made a cryptic social media post that has led many to believe that it was a dig at her former husband. In the Instagram post, Tendler can be seen sitting in front of a mirror in a loose and long dress, and the caption read “Norman Rockwell”. 

Instagram, Anna Marie | This hint Lana Del Rey song was enough for fans to notice that she was referencing some particularly unsparing lyrics


Yikes! Talk about being ruthless! 

But despite everything that went down, we wish Mulaney and Munn the best with their new bundle of joy.

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