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This Florida Beach House Was Untouched By Hurricane Michael

Florida is no stranger to hurricanes, in fact, the past couple of years they have faced some of the most terrible ones imaginable. Recently, they faced the third-most intense hurricane that hit the country.

Trump Preparation and Aftermath

The day before Hurricane Michael made landfall, United States President Donald Trump had to make sure that he signed the emergency declaration of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Florida, in order to be able to coordinate with all the disaster efforts.

This allowed the funding of over 75 percent from the emergency protective measures is not just one but fourteen counties in Florida. After the landfall, Trump declared the major disaster in the counties of Bay, Gulf, Taylor, Franklin, and Wakulla, allowing its residents to be able to receive respective grants when it comes to loans on their properties that didn’t have insurance, as well as for temporary shelters and money to be able to repair their home.

The president, together with the First Lady Melania Trump, are actually planning on visiting some areas that were severely affected by the hurricane so they could get a firsthand look on the devastation that happened. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long, this has been one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the country in history.

The most recent report said that there are more than 20 people who have been killed by the hurricane, while there are still dozens who a considered as missing. In an interview with Fox News, FEMA spokesperson David Passey, they are confident that these missing people will be reunited with their families soon. He also said that FEMA, along with other agencies will actually remain in the most affected areas to be able to help the people recover from the hurricane. Unfortunately, as the days go by, the death toll is expected to rise especially with the officials still trying hard to recover as many bodies as they can, including survivors.


According to Mexico Beach, Florida Mayor Al Cathey, out of a thousand residents, more than 40 are actually still missing. This is because there are more than 250 people decided to stay behind and not leave their homes during the hurricane. So far, the search and rescue teams are still trying to look into the most damaged areas. Good thing was that there were enough food and water that has been brought to those who survived and some of the mobile services have returned.

Home Built To Withstand Hurricanes

It was said that thousands of homes were blown away by the hurricane, all except for one. This particular vacation home in Mexico Beach, Florida seemed to have been untouched by one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the country. This newly built concrete home is owned by Dr. Lebron Lackey, he built the vacation home last year with his uncle, Russell King and in an interview, he revealed that they know very well hurricanes happen a lot in the area, so they had to make sure it is built to withstand the hurricanes.

According to Lackey, he was actually in Tennessee when the Category 4 hurricane Michael made landfall in the area. With winds more than 155mph, Lackey admitted that he felt extremely nauseous while he was watching the footage of all the winds from the house security camera, including all the debris from the properties nearby. He said that he wasn’t exactly sure what to think because he was afraid that the roof of the house would start flying just like the others.

When asked what exactly he and his uncle did to make sure the house will be able to withstand the hurricane, Lackey simply said that they weren’t exactly sure that it would. However, what they tried to do was to go overboard to be able to preserve its structure such as adding more concrete to the house especially in the corners.

They made sure to take a step further than usual, just like how they added 1-foot thick walls made of concrete as well as some steel cables so that the roof would not come off. Their ground floor turned out to be made of tall pilings, this is because they wanted to elevate the house so the structure would withstand any storm surge.

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