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If You Believe in Yourself, You Can Be As Successful As These People

Every one of us experiences ups and downs in his/her life. From not getting the desired job or position, to getting low scores or marks when you are working too hard, all that is a failure for us. Still, it is important what comes next, or how we get up after a failure. Here are 4 truly inspiring stories which will show that we should continue working no matter what; because no matter what happens – it’s important to stay ourselves and reach for the stars!

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has become widely known in the last few years. Still, his success didn’t occur in minutes, not even years. He left school and joined the Indian Army back in 1994 and hiked in mountains of Himalaya. Afterward, he joined the Territorial Army and worked as a reservist. In 1996 Bear had a terrible accident and almost stayed in wheels for the rest of his life. He was parachuting when his canopy frayed and caused him to fall on his back partly crushing three vertebrae. It was a question will he ever walk again; he even spent 12 months in military rehabilitation. His determination to walk moved him to another plan – he climbed to the top of Mount Everest, which was his dream, only 18 months after this accident. Bear was the youngest person who achieved this, considering the fact that he was 23 at the time. He is now widely known by his popular show on Discovery Channel, Man Vs. Wild, where he teaches and explains tricks and tips how to survive in the wilderness.

Brian Acton

Brian Acton is not a Hollywood celebrity, but he has an amazing story to tell! He was an experienced software engineer with no job. He worked at Yahoo and Apple, but he was denied in 2009 from more than two clients, among which were Facebook and Twitter! Still, he was positive, publishing an optimistic content online and saying that he is ready for life’s next adventure – and that is actually what he got! With no company to work for, he paled up with another Yahoo colleague and built an amazing and wide-known application, WhatsApp! In 2014 WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for an amazing $19 billion in stock and cash, which made Acton’s net worth about 3.8 billion dollars!

Walt Disney

Walt Disney had a lot of struggle in his days of youth. He couldn’t even make his ends meet back in 1919 when he was fired from newspaper editorial because of his “lack of imagination and good ideas”. After forming his own company, in 1920, it wasn’t much better either. The company was loaded with debt and ended in bankruptcy. Thereafter he decided to place a studio in Hollywood. This appeared to be a life changing action. Still, he barely earned enough, since his producer was giving him only 20% of the income. After creating Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, he made the amazing and famous Mickey Mouse! This cartoon ruled the world and sent this man into history, which gave as an amazing example of persistence and will for success.

Steven Spielberg

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Steven Spielberg is so well known that his name is saying enough. Although he now has a huge popularity and awesome movies as Schindler’s list, Catch Me If You Can, in the beginning, everything was not as promising as it is now. He wanted to study film but got rejected because of his grades. After being rejected for two more times, he was admitted to the Californian University of Long Beach where he graduated English. While he was still on University, he god a chance to work at Universal Studios, where he made a short movie called Amblin’, which he directed and wrote. The movie had got many awards and studio president was impressed by it! Today, he holds three Oscars and makes movies that are widely popular, just because of his determination not to give up on what he really loves.

Our dreams are determining by who we actually are, a Wiseman said once. The dreams will lead us to the roads and possibilities that we could have never imagined before. We just need to believe in ourselves and keep dreaming – that will be our strength and guide along the way. Eventually, if we stay on the road, our goal will lead us somewhere; but it’s important not to give up. Do you agree?

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