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Why It Is Hard to Lose Your Belly Fat

Just admit it. One of the main reasons why you want to lose weight is because you want to achieve a desirable hourglass-like body. When you’re fat, people generally frown upon you because you somehow look disgusting in their eyes.  Don’t worry’ that’s not necessarily true. 

There is this one annoying part of the body that seems to hold on to fats like forever. No matter what you do, the fats around your belly just wouldn’t budge. This is downright embarrassing because it’s the first thing that people notice about you.

How can you remove the pesky belly fat? Read on: 

Myth #1: You Only Focusing On Exercising Your Abs


Push-ups, curl-ups, and crunches can help you lose belly fat. However, they are not enough to take it all away. Just think like this. If you only do these exercises, the muscles around your belly and legs lose fats. But how about the other parts of your body? How about your arms, your feet, and your back?

They still remain covered with fats. Instead of concentrating yourself in doing “spot reduction” workout, opt for a total workout like aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises help you to develop all the muscles in your body so that you can burn the calories and fats faster. In the end, you have a leaner and physically fit body.

Myth #2: You Avoid Meat in Fear of Gaining More Fats

While eating meat can contribute to weight gain to some extent, not all types of meat can do that. Remember that the keyword here is “all.” If you go eating all kinds of meat, you are likely to gain fats. But if you mix meat with other healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts, you are okay.  


Likewise, not all meat is unhealthy. It’s true that you may want to limit eating red meat on a daily basis to avoid excessive weight gain. But hey, you can enjoy eating lean red meats. They are much healthier and don’t have fats.

Furthermore, white meat such as chicken, egg,  turkey, and fish are much healthier. They contain healthy oils such as omega-3, which is good for your heart. They are also loaded with protein and iron, which are essential ingredients in building lean muscles to burn the fats faster. White meat also boosts your immune system.


Myth #3: Drastically Changing Your Diet works

Diet programs deliver promises that you can lose weight in just a month. Sometimes, they reduce the span to two weeks down or even down to ten days! Crazy, isn’t it? But the sad part of it is that many people end up believing in this. They are so obsessed and desperate to lose weight that they end up jeopardizing their overall health and well-being in the long run. Did you know that just eating one apple a day will help you lose weight tremendously?

You can even see instant results! But this type of diet isn’t sustainable, and it is dangerous. Why? It’s because you’re starving yourself! Your body hardly gets proper nourishment to function well. This hazard will force your body to hold on to the fats instead of burning them! Right! Your body goes into survival mode since it cannot predict when it will receive proper food again. Another sad part of this is that as you starve, you dilute your mind’s ability to think well. Eventually, you’ll give in to your hunger and eat to your heart’s content. This results in overeating and before you know it, you’re back to square one.

We recommend that you have a regular and sustainable diet. Eat healthy foods, exercise, and don’t rush your weight loss. Remember that it takes years for your body to gain all the weight and fats you accumulated. Therefore, it may also take years for you to lose them.  

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