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These 7 Airports Are At The Top Of The Game

A lot of airports are doing as much as they can to try and perfect their services, but some are clearly better than others. You should read this article to find out which, because who knows, maybe your local airport is on the list.

Skytrax, one of the most popular aviation websites in the world, do their best to publish a list of the best airports every year. This is called “World Airport Awards.” Finally, we get to see which airports are the best at what they do. They base their annual rankings on the comments and impressions of almost 15 million customers from over a hundred different countries. And, the research that Skytrax has done is magnificent! The survey covers 39 topics, and although they did not include every single airport in the survey, they did include over 550 airports from around the world.

We’ve chosen 7 of the top 10 airports on their list to present in this article.

1. Frankfurt (FRA)


Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest cities in Germany, and since it is an incredibly important transit hub. It also makes sense that it is in the top 5 busiest airports in Europe. Over 60 million customers go through this airport every year. Apparently, their service has improved since a year ago when they were placed at rank 12. This year they finally breached the top 10 list. The passengers who offered their reviews of the airport praised the fact that the transit between terminals is incredibly efficient and that the airport offers an abundance of options for shopping and dining while waiting for the flight. It also helps that Lufthansa’s fleet of almost 300 jets is based in the FRA.

2. London (Heathrow Airport – LHR)

Everybody loves going to London and that makes Heathrow one of the busiest airports in the entire world (the third busiest, to be precise). It boasts an incredible number of 75 million passengers every year and the service is always praised. However, it is currently going through a renovation (of the Terminal 2 building) which potentially cost it a higher rating on the list. It should be noted that Skytrax named the Terminal 5 building of this airport as the single best terminal in the world.

3. Zurich (ZRH)

To be fair, we all saw this coming. Swiss airlines are one of the best in the world and ZRH is conveniently located only eight miles away from the city center. It is an incredibly important airport for Switzerland as it serves as a hub that links Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, with the other Swiss airports. Annually, they welcome over 27.7 million people through their gates and the passengers love the airport. For those who have layovers that are extended, ZRH offers a rental of bicycles and rollerblades. You can also go for a short trip to the Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne.

4. Ise Bay (Central Japan International Airport – NGO)

This airport isn’t seen by as many travelers as others on this list, but it definitely evens that out with the fact that it is astonishing. It is actually built on a man-made island in the middle of the bay and is located near the city of Nagoya. It has a sky deck (that is a 1,000 feet long) where you can watch ships sailing in and out of Nagoya Port. Once that no longer holds your interest, you can go to a traditional Japanese bathhouse and relax.

5. Doha (Hamad International Airport – DOH)

As many other things located in Qatar, DOH is incredibly luxurious. Over 30 million passengers go through it every year and it is praised for the looks as well as the options it offers. This makes sense given the fact that it was made only a several years ago.

6. Hong Kong (HKG)

This airport started working in 1998. It is one of the busiest airports in Asia with over 68 million passengers every year. If you ever get the chance to visit it, we would recommend playing a bit of golf on their famous golf course.

7. Changi (SIN)


Changi is voted the best airport in the world by customers and critics alike. Some of the tourists that traveled to Singapore even stated that the flight to Singapore would be worth it if they saw nothing other than this airport. It is beautiful, efficient and offers a wide array of services and stores to anyone who might need to spend some time there. You can go see a movie in a theater, visit a spa, go to one of the restaurants or even have some fun with their corkscrew slide.

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