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Is The “Bonus Jonas” Following in His Brothers’ Steps?

Frankie Jonas: The Bonus Jonas

It’s hard to forget how fond teenagers were of the Jonas Brothers in the early 2000s. The faces of Joe, Nick, and Kevin, were on virtually all teenagers’ walls around the world, and their 2013 breakup was sad news. As a lot of people hold fond memories of the brothers, many also remember Frankie Jonas, their cute little brother.

He was fondly regarded as the “Bonus Jonas,” and he’s much younger than his brothers. Nick who happens to be the youngest of the Jonas brothers is still 8 years ahead of Frankie in age.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Frankie Jonas isn’t so little anymore, and he has started building a career for himself in the music industry

Frankie was such an adorable child, and he was often seen posing for pictures with his older brothers. He has also always been their biggest fan. That hasn’t changed as he is seen in one video dancing to Sucker, a new song from his brother.

However, Frankie Jonas is not a kid anymore. He has his eighteenth birthday recently and has gone on a career path of his own. The question then is “what is Frankie Jonas all about now?”

Frankie’s Music Career

Well, a lot of Jonas brothers fans who also loved Frankie Jonas kept wondering why he did not join his brother. The answer is simple, he was a bit too young. Even now that he has turned 18, the age gap is still pretty wide as his immediate elder brother, Nick is 26.

Joe is 29 years old, and Kevin is in his early 30s already. Given that Frankie is now an adult, the Jonas Brothers’ fans have started wondering again if he will join the band. However, it seems that won’t be the case as the reunion of the Jonas Brothers will still not include Frankie.

Frankie combines functioning as a songwriter, producer and also a deejay

On his own, Frankie has been all about his career and leading his own life. Following the footstep of his brother, he has turned to the music industry and currently has ongoing work with Alli Haber. He is co-writing the new artist’s song and also producing music for her.

He has taken up the name “Mephisto” and hopes he will be able to help other new young talents produce as time goes on. In addition to songwriting and production, Frankie also deejays.

Frankie And His Acting Career

Frankie repeatedly appeared on his older brothers’ Disney television show. In addition to that, he has acted in other capacities. For instance, he voiced one of the characters in Ponyo (English version). Others include his appearance in the Spooky Buddies and Night at the Museum.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Frankie takes his education very seriously, and he is currently enrolled at a Tennessee University

Also, Frankie Jonas isn’t toying around with his education regardless of the fact that he had a growing career and also has famous brothers.  Currently, he is enrolled at the Belmont University in Tennessee. His major has, however, not been revealed.

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