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Brace Yourself As Some of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Ending This Year, Here Is A List!

The television medium has evolved dramatically over the years. Before the current binge-watching trend successfully promoted by platforms like Netflix, audiences around the world would follow TV shows for months every season, as only a single episode would be aired per week on TV. However, even though Netflix launches an entire season of a show all in one go, fans around the world are heartbroken whenever they discover that their favorite show is reaching its conclusion.

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Orange Is The New Black is one of the most popular Netflix shows.

But when a show ends on traditional TV networks, the hype is truly extraordinary. While most of the final season receives a lot of attention, the final episode is a global event. Millions of fans tune in to watch the finale simply because they cannot wait to find out how a show has concluded. Well, we’d be seeing a lot this trend during the fall of this year, as some of our favorite shows are coming to an end.

End of an Era

While TV fans have already been very sad this year, with the conclusion of one of the most popular TV shows in entertainment history, Game of Thrones, the heartbreak has certainly not ended. According to reports, the beloved Will & Grace is also being added to the list of shows that are ending production this year, with the final season to be aired sometime in 2020.

But fans may still remain hopeful that the show may return in the future, especially considering the fact that the show had resumed back in 2017 after a hiatus of more than a decade, having already run for a whole eight seasons. The show regained popularity because the cast that had been part of the original series, including Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes, reprised their roles, receiving more praise for their exceptional performance even at the Emmy Awards.

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The revived Will & Grace series is all set to end by 2020.

This would be the 11th season overall to be aired for Will & Grace, which is one more than the super-hit 10-season run of the sitcom Friends. That is why it seems the show would be reaching a natural conclusion even though there is still a lot of unfaltering demand for it, unlike many shows which are canceled and their endings have to be rushed simply to conclude the storyline.

Many Others

This next year, we would be bidding farewell to many other shows as well, including the mega-hit ABC show Modern Family that has earned a place among the funniest shows in history. Another one of ABC’s hit shows, How To Get Away With Murder, would also begin airing in September for its final season. NBC would also be saying adios to another show in addition to Will & Grace, and that is The Good Place. Fox’s Empire is also slated to end around the same time.

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Everyone’s beloved Modern Family is also entering its final season this year.

DC Comics fans have been devastated ever since it was announced that Arrow would be running for the final time on The CW. Showtime’s highly popular show Homeland, which has also garnered numerous accolades for TV excellence, is also ending this year.

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