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After the Breakup from the World’s Richest Man, You’ll Be Shocked to Know How MacKenzie Bezos is Spending Her Money

Breakups, most often than not, are just hard to endure. There are the endless nights of crying, talking to yourself as you deny what really happened, and moments when you just want to go to the person you used to be with and beg to come back into your life.

Whether the relationship turned sour or someone cheated, heartbreaks are totally inevitable. This is why in that specific phase of longing and bawling and imploring, and repeat, we tend to do the irrational things.

Divorcing from a Multi-Billionaire

Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos announced their split amid cheating rumors

While ordinary human beings out there may turn to alcohol, which may or may not prompt a drunk-text spree, others turn to other people to release the pain or just to find comfort amid the grief.

However, for the elite, the wealthy, and the billionaire, splits could be the reason to give away a huge chunk of their money. Although it sounds unrealistic, it is definitely not impossible. The latest example of which is MacKenzie Bezos – from the surname, you would immediately know that she has something to do with the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Despite the Riches…

But the two are more than just relatives, they were actually husband and wife. Behind the billionaire CEO is also a billionaire wife MacKenzie and after the divorce was finalized in April, which was said to be because of the infidelity rumors surrounding her ex-husband, she is making a promise that will benefit a charity. Let’s be clear: Why is this even an issue?

Jeff Bezos is not known for giving his money to philanthropic causes

Jeff is known as the world’s richest man, who, up until this year, has an estimated net worth of 146.3 billion.

Despite the eye-popping amount, you shouldn’t expect to hear about his philanthropic acts. MacKenzie, meanwhile, is the founder of Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization that helps people suffering from bullying by offering advice to them. As for her 55-year-old ex, he once committed to giving $2 billion for the education in low-income communities and to aid the homeless but critics say this was way small.

Giving Pledge

Melinda and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett founded the Giving Pledge campaign in 2010

The Amazon exec had also refused to sign Giving Pledge, started by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and wife Melinda, as well as anther billionaire Warren Buffett, a philanthropic campaign that devotes the rich’s wealth to charity. Interestingly, Jeff is the only one of the five richest in the world who is not a member of it, but it is also worth noting that out of all the billionaires in the world, only 7 percent has signed up.

This is where MacKenzie enters. She is not just donating at least half of her $37 billion fortune, which has jolted since her divorce from Jeff, to any charity but she is giving it to Giving Pledge, which might be a tease on her former beau.

Either way, she didn’t release details of when will things happen and so on, but she said she has “disproportionate” money to share. Her ex, whom she was married for 25 years, praised her and even cheered her on.

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