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Brie Larson Was This Close to Rejecting Captain Marvel, and This Is The Shocking Reason Why!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe concluded its third phase this year, and Captain Marvel was one of the final films in it. The character of Captain Marvel was being looked forward to by millions of Marvel fans around the world, and when it was announced that Brie Larson had been selected to play it, there was a lot of criticism thrown her way although she did manage to pull it off in a very good manner. But, did you know that Larson almost let go of this part?

Brie Larson is now considered by many a magnificent actress for her powerful performances

Apparently, since Larson is a known introvert, she was afraid of all the attention that playing a role in a mainstream movie like Captain Marvel would bring her way. Although she is an actress, and one might expect actors to be prepared for living a rather extroverted lifestyle, still Larson was not so sure if playing a character as famous as Captain Marvel would gel well with her introverted personality.

Somewhat Scared

According to an interview which the actress gave after having performed in the film, Larson made no effort to hide the fact that she was somewhat afraid of the marketing and publicity which was planned for the film. As she had played the leading character, it was her face which was supposed to be put on every poster of the film plastered around the world, and she was uncomfortable with all the fame this was going to bring her way.

Larson played Captain Marvel extremely well, even though Marvel fans did not appreciate it much since the character is originally represented by a man in the comic

But as far as the role is concerned, Larson was very excited to play it because of the fact that it represented a strong female superhero, which is still uncommon in Hollywood. She had also gotten a lot of attention after she won the Oscar for delivering a phenomenal performance in the film called Room, and so this was not the first time that she was going to experience fame.

However, Larson knew that Captain Marvel had a massive budget exclusively for its marketing, and hence she was going to attract a lot more attention than even when she won an Oscar.

Glad To Have Accepted It

Many people did not care about the fact that Captain Marvel was being represented by a woman, as many did not know that in the comic books the character is actually portrayed by a man. This fact was obviously well understood by fans of the Marvel comics, who were unforgiving of this change made by the studios.

However, Larson was very welcoming of this step, as she found this as the perfect opportunity to make the world comic books more inclusive of strong female characters.

We still can’t get over the flawless acting job done by Larson in the film Room

That is why Larson chose not to care about the extreme level of publicity which was bound to come her way. She went ahead and did the role anyway because this was something she believed in with all her heart.

However, although she has now stepped into the mainstream, Larson would probably still be willing to work on smaller projects like Room because she is a phenomenal actress and such smaller-budget films offer a lot more space to exhibit her true potential.

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