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The British Royal Family Don’t Live as Lavishly as We Think, And Here’s The Proof!

The general perception of the British royal family is that they live a very luxurious lifestyle. After all, they live inside gorgeous palaces and dress in the most impeccable manner. But there are still some habits embodied by the royals that show their frugal side, and the current reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, deserves to be credited for them.

Having lived through some of the most trying times for Britain, such as the Second World War as well as the Great Depression, the Queen is amply experienced in the art of living below her means, and she seems to have passed down her wisdom to the rest of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Throughout History

The Queen was just a child when her father, King George VI, assumed the British throne. Three years after, the Second World War broke out, causing extreme strain on the already weakened British Empire. Apart from all the other war efforts made by the King, he also ensured the entire royal household contributed to the war.

For example, since the water was in scarce supply, the King had the staff draw a line inside all the bathtubs to indicate the maximum amount of water which could be used by the user. It is said that this water line was drawn at a height of 5 inches.

Sergey Goryachev/Shutterstock
King George VI had been crowned after his brother had abdicated the throne to marry the woman he loved.

When it came to purchasing her wedding dress, the Queen reportedly wanted to make the purchase with the coupons received under the clothing rationing scheme, as the UK was using the rationing system even two years after the war had ended. Apparently, having heard of her intentions, people from around the country had sent in their own coupons to help her out. However, since the usage of those coupons in this manner was not permitted under the law, all of them were returned.

Love To Cook

Although the Royals can afford to have staff that would cook for them, some of them don’t mind making their own meals. Prince William knows how to make proper meals, while his wife Kate Middleton reportedly also pays frequent visits to the local stores to get some groceries. Prince Harry also knows his way around the kitchen, and this became evident when he proposed to his now-wife Meghan Markle, as he was reportedly making a roast chicken at that time.

Damian Herde/Shutterstock
Prince William does not shy away from the kitchen whenever he gets the opportunity to make a meal.

Reusing Old Stuff

The Royals don’t mind using old material to fulfill their needs. For example, whenever the walls of Balmoral Castle are damaged, the Queen has encouraged the staff to make use of the old wallpaper in stock that had been procured for the first time under the rule of Queen Victoria. This obviously helps the Royals save a lot of money which can be used for other, more productive projects.

When it comes to dresses, the Queen does not mind wearing old clothes. For example, the Queen used the dress she had worn to the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to an official visit to Australia, only six months after the former.

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