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How to Maintain A Good Working Relationship With Your Clients

In any business, especially with SME’s (small, medium enterprises), gaining and retaining your clients are vital parts in order to keep your business alive. We all know how difficult it is to convert an audience to become our loyal customers. So it’s only natural and important to preserve and protect them.


Otherwise, we’ll greatly suffer from this loss and it will be hard for us to cope up once again. Not just because we’ve lost some sales, but our reputation might be at stake the moment the customer went into a rampage mode. If our former customers did leave a bad review to us, it will be impossible for us to recover from the blow. New customers will be hesitant to seal a deal with us.

How can you prevent this dreadful scenario from happening to our business? Here are some tips on how to keep your customers satisfied in order to retain them patronizing your business for as long as you can be.


Build an Effective Work Outline

Whenever a customer requests you for quotes, don’t just reply to them about the price. You need to provide more information than that. If you’re offering a service (like developing a website), provide a step-by-step outline on how you’ll develop their website. Set milestones, give them visions on how things will play with them.

This blueprint will make things easier and more convenient for them. In this case, most of your customers are more likely to consider your quote and avail the services you offered to them. Even if they don’t have a definitive guide yet, give them some options. As you discuss things along the way, they may be able to give your specifications on what they want to get.


Be 100% Honest

As a businessman, we strive to get the approval of our customers. However, we must not be desperate enough to the point where we trick our customers into deceiving them. Moreover, you must not underestimate your customers. Your customers are very privy to the business or company they’re dealing with. They can even tell who’s fake and not.

Remember that like you, your customers wanted to be treated respectfully and with utmost trust. So don’t ever break their trust just to make them say yes. Be honest and tell your customers what services you can offer to them to the best of your ability. Remember that honesty is still the best policy!

Deliver Your Services or Performance Output on Time

We already said from the previous tip that honesty and trust are the key points in retaining your customers. And how do we prove to our customers that we’re doing our best and assure them of the trust they gave to us? It’s through reliability. You need to prove to your customer that you’re reliable and trusted enough to deliver things in a timely manner. Learn how to beat deadlines.

If you need to deliver a product, service, or output of a certain product, make sure to deliver it. And we’re not just talking about making it in time, but also, make sure that you also deliver the best output or performance. The quality must also be on par with quantity. After all, nobody wants to deliver a half-cooked output, right? So make sure to make them happy and satisfied by delivering your best performance to them.

Get Feedback From Clients

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Whenever a transaction deal has been completed, make sure to ask a feedback from your client. This feedback will not only make you build your online reputation whenever a new customer will check your client’s testimonials. But also, it can help you assess how well your company is performing. This is an opportunity for you to hear what your customers are feeling. If they did give some negative reviews, don’t fret, don’t ignore, or worse, don’t shut them down.

In fact, negative reviews are great for you. Why? It’s because this is your opportunity to prove them wrong. Address any problem they’re experiencing and solve it. Your customer will be more than happy to give you a review and be satisfied with your services, seeing as you go all the way to solve their problem. Aside from that, this is also your opportunity to see the loopholes in your company and use it to improve your business for the better.

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