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Can Celebrity Lifestyles Impact Teenagers? 

Actors, musicians, sports stars and TV celebrities have lives of their own. They often indulge in activities that are looked down upon by numerous people. Celebrities like these are followed by many people who consider them role models. In fact, people try to imitate celebs whenever possible.

Teenagers form a significant portion of celebrity followers and believe that it would be appropriate to get involved in acts that are similar to theirs. A celebrity who uses a particular product can influence the mind of the teenager who could be following him or her. Under the circumstances, it can be confirmed that celebrity lifestyles impact teenagers immensely. 

How Can Celebrities Impact Teenagers Negatively? 

It is not harmful for a teenager to follow a film personality or a sports star because there could be various behind it. Teenagers are generally infatuated with actors and sportspeople.  The youngster could have inspirations of becoming an actor or a sports personality. Therefore, it wouldn’t be appropriate to consider the following as detrimental to the individual.

A study conducted in 2006 reveals that teenagers are likely to try to extend their imagination way beyond their infatuation with the superstar they follow. Youngsters are also developing likings for the type of clothing that celebrities wear and the habits that the personality indulge in. The youngsters do not consider whether the individual they follow is just performing a role assigned to him or her. Instead, they blindly decide to get involved in a similar habit.

If a famous personality drinks or smokes, teenagers instantly believe it is a fashionable thing to do. Celebrities who use drugs and prohibited substances instill similar behavior among teens. Therefore, celebrity lifestyles impact teenagers.

Celebrity Lifestyles Impact Teenagers? 

Teenagers display a detachment from the community as they grow older. This is a favored habit among youngsters within the age group of 10 to 13. Twenty percent of 18-year-olds reported they had no link to the community. The most famous figures that teenagers follow are their immediate family members, teachers, the police and sports coaches apart from highly visible celebrities.  

One of the common pastimes among adolescents is playing after school and enjoying any weekend activities, which are planned along with their immediate seniors from home. However, they also display a marked preference to hanging out with their friends. Nearly 75% of all teenagers confirm that this is the most appealing activity for them. 

The youngsters could be involved in a sporting activity or just be lazing around discussing activities of a celebrity. At some time, the discussion could veer off the course to the kind of habits that celebrities have. While some would just consider the discussion as it was, others decide to experiment and try out the negative behavior of a famous personality. This could perhaps be one of the reasons why celebrity lifestyles impact teenagers when it is least desired.

The Negative Impacts Of Celebrity Lifestyles 

Following a celebrity lifestyle has its cynical implications because not every individual can afford it. Average people looking forward to emulating celebrities soon find themselves dealing with financial problems, particularly when they are dependent on their parents for the monetary assistance they need. The habits can also have an adverse impact on their lives and health issues.  

Under the circumstances, it is the responsibility of the parents to make their wards understand the realities of life. They should make it clear that following celebrities and imitating their lifestyles is not a good option. 

Youngsters are easily influenced by what happens around them.  They have no understanding of how celebrities‘ lifestyles impact them. It is, therefore, good to provide them with the necessary information.

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