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Celebrating Princess Anne on her 70th Birthday with Fascinating Facts that We Bet You Didn’t Know About Her

You’d think that the Queen’s one and only daughter would have a much frequent appearance on media headlines, but unfortunately, we just don’t get that much of Princess Anne nowadays.

However, did you know that she was famous for being The Royal Rebel– yup, she is a true OG!

Getty Images | The Princess was quite the rebel in her day

Other than that amazing feat, at one point, she was also widely respected for her dedication towards her mother, the Queen, Elizabeth II, her obsession with horses, and her dry sense of humor.

But, in many other ways, Princess Anne happened to be a trailblazer!

As she celebrates her 70th birthday milestone, here are some fascinating facts about our precious Princess.

Getty Images | The Princess shares her mother’s love for horses

Being nominated for Noble prize

At the age of 39, she was involved in an endless amount of humanitarian work for Save the Children which inspired the president of Zambia to nominate her for a Noble Peace Prize. Ever since then, the Princess decided to spend a notable amount of time dedicated to the world’s leading independent children’s organization.

Being the first Royal Olympian and hard worker for a lifetime

Anne dedicated her life to serving the country and her mother, the Queen; even in between competing as an amazing Olympic equestrian and raising her 2 beautiful children. She is known to be one of the hardest working people of the Royal family, especially for her diligent work ethics. She attends up to a hundred Royal engagements every year!

Being a target of a kidnapping plot

In 1974, while the Princess was returning to Buckingham Palace with her ex-husband, Mark Phillips, she was attacked by a person named Ian Ball, who originally had planned on taking her away. While brawling with the Princess in the back of her Rolls Royce with a gun, Ball injured 4 men.

Getty Images | The Princess with her groom on her first wedding day

Being convicted for a criminal offense

There was an incident that took place in which Anne’s English bull terrier named Dotty bit two children, because of which she was able to become the first senior member in the family to ever be convicted for a criminal offense. After pleading guilty to the charge under the ‘Dangerous Dog Act’ and paid $650 in fine.

Anne, obviously, offered a lot of apologies to the family, referring to the very unfortunate episode. Although it was a very dangerous scenario, the dog wasn’t put down as the incident was isolated but, the Princess was instructed to keep the dog leashed up at all times.

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