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Celebrities Who Have Ruined Their Own Careers

Sometimes people tend to be their own worst enemies. But not just common people, celebrities are prone to this too. Here we have some examples of famous and successful people who ruined their own careers. Maybe some of them regret their actions, but we believe that there are those who blame other people or even their own destiny for the tragic outcomes. Let’s see whose fault it really was.

Ashlee Simpson

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Ashley Nicolle Ross aka. Ashlee Simpson is an American singer known for her hit single from 2004, “Pieces of Me.” She also had her reality TV show ”The Ashlee Simpson Show”, so generally, she was a starHer career problems started on Saturday Night Live when she showed up to perform the song, “Autobiography.” The wrong song started and the audience saw that she was faking her performance since her voice was heard singing a different song. Her mic was down at her side, but the vocals were coming out of the speakers. She tried to blame her band saying they were playing the wrong song, and she also blamed her acid reflux for a bad performance. Be that as it may, she was never again so popular and was even booed at her Orange Bowl performance in January 2005. Bad luck, Ashlee!


Brandy Rayana Norwood is an American R&B and pop singer who started her career in the late 1990s. She had many hits, received a Grammy award and even had her own TV series Moesha (1996). She was one of the judging stints on America’s Got Talent (2006) and there was even a doll in her likeness. All of that was forgotten when in 2007 she caused a car accident in which one married mom got killed. Her case was settled with the family of the tragically deceased woman, but still, her career was destroyed.


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Rapper Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., or simply B.o.B, is an American hip-hop singer mostly popular for his song from 2010 called “Airplanes.” Nowadays, he is to be seen mostly on Twitter commenting on things. The most recent comment he made was on a pretty-much-known fact. Namely, he said that the Earth is flat. This has made many people answer his claim saying they couldn’t believe what he was saying. To prove his belief he continued with trying to show the evidence to his claim. He said: ”A lot of people are turned off by the phrase ‘flat earth, but there’s no way you can see all the evidence and not know.”  

James “Jimmy the Greek” Snyder

James Snyder or simply “Jimmy the Greek” was one of the most successful sports commentators. But somehow, he lost some of his sharpness and made himself lose this job. How did this happen? Well, his mouth worked faster than his mind. He made some racial comments on air in 1988. He said that black athletes left no jobs in the sports field for whites except for coaching. That was somehow ignored, which made him continue in the same manner saying that black athletes were better than whites because of their physical traits which were formed during slavery. He did apologize later on but also sued CBS for “age discrimination,” saying that his firing caused his health problems.

Howard Dean

Howard Dean was an American politician planning to run for president in 2004. In January 2004 he gave a speech at the Iowa caucus. That was nothing unusual except that he got so excited that he screamed at one point. His “YEAH!” scream became a global joke and the media replayed it constantly. He was ashamed and dropped out of the race for US president.

Gary Busey

William Gary Busey is an American actor who became famous for his role in The Buddy Holly Story (1978). He is one of those people who are against the helmets while on a motorcycle. In December 1988 he got in an accident while driving a motorcycle without a helmet. Hours of neurosurgery were needed to remove blood clots from his brain. When his brain was fixed, Busey became a drug addict who continued to refuse to wear a helmet. After these problems of his, he has had many small roles in movies and television shows, but unfortunately no big ones.

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