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Celebrities Share Their Fitness Routines

Living to stay fit

For many years, an uncountable line up of stars has been interviewed by the media. The celebrity categories included music artists, models, actresses, and a wide range of other popular figures. These superstars shared insights into their personal lives in the areas of health, fitness plans and beauty. They also recited the counsels they adopted during their journeys.

Check out their tips below. You would love them!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie is a diligent work out enthusiast who picked LA for her exercise activities. She enrolled in a fitness class known as ‘Body By Simone’, established by a retired dancer, Simone De La Rue. The place has served her well for about five years.

Rosie said the routine involved vigorous cardio dance steps and series of body movements that require using weight. The fitness class was an all-female affair vibrating with positive vibes. Rosie’s best parts are the music and the dance collaboration with the trainers. She loved the fun and result-driven nature of the center.

Not only does she train in the US, but also in London where she exercises alongside a lady known as Lucy. Together, they deal with weights.

Lily-Rose Depp

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Depp does not only take entertainment seriously, but she also cherishes workouts because of the joy derived from them. Depp says endorphins are evacuated through exercises, making someone feels great. She enjoys taking walks whenever she gets the chance because it makes her active.

However, Depp dislikes classes because they bore her quickly, so she prefers the fun approach of dancing. Your blood will pump regularly, Depp says.

Having an unpleasant day? Depp recommends going for a walk or a jog because the feeling is awesome.

Kate Hudson

Hudson is a fan of Pilates because of its flexibility. Pilates encourages someone to try out different styles, says Hudson. She said this workout system energizes the physical stamina and the power is felt within.

Pilates also stretches someone’s body. Nothing can separate her from dance cardio regardless of how much she tries other things.

Pumping that thing called iron is not as interesting as other stuff, but Hudson is not ridiculing iron pumping. She chose LA-based Circuit Works for this specific purpose. This place offers vigorous circuits and stubby sprints with hard designs. The aftermath feeling is astounding.

Camila Cabello

Cabello confessed that she’s not gifted with being faithful to fitness routines, but she makes up for it through her constant movements from place to place. She derives workouts from her daily night show because of its agile physical requirements which involve lots of jumping and dancing.

Brandon Nagy/Shutterstock

Kate Winslet

For Winslet, she’s not an extremist when it comes to workouts, although she engages in it. Her best exercises are barre cardio and power yoga. She also does lots of walking with her adorable dog.

Maya Jama

Depp and Whiteley are not the only celebrities who cherish dancing, Jama is also a die-hard fan.  She does a lot of dancing in her home, waking up with music on her stereo. When dullness wants to set in, Jama kicks it off with dancing while holding weights in her hands.

She goes around with weights tied on her ankles once in a while. She admitted to being a busy person, going from one location to another, but when she’s less busy, squats and sit-ups are her relaxation activities, accompanying it with leg mechanism when she’s inside the gym.

While granting the interview, she said her intention right there and then was to stretch her legs because she’s not a ‘walk’ person, moving from cars to cars. Her apartment does not have staircases either.

Her busy schedules don’t allow her spare time to attend classes. However, she’s determined to turn a new leaf by emulating those who take their health seriously, getting used to 5 am wake-up time for gym workouts.

Maria Borges

Borges said she engages in intense workouts and she loves exercises. Her choices of fitness routines include Zumba dance, yoga, and boxing. She also combines different styles because according to her, it gives her fun. Her diets are well packed with healthy foods as well, but she doesn’t enjoy salads.

Karlie Kloss

Taking part in the New York City’s marathon exercise was something entirely new to Kloss, and a big challenge to her mind and body. She believes hope is not lost for those who try, because if she could achieve the feat, nobody else is exempted. She said all her life, and she has never got close to running. The marathon was a weird decision for her, but she made it, with the help of intense training. The marathon was all she needed to kick off her running endeavor.


Kloss also enjoys strength exercises, raised reps while utilizing different types of weights. Anything to build her muscles is her best tool.

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