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Celine Dion Got a Massive Warehouse Just For Her Shoes, And Here’s The Shocking Reason Why!

No matter how much money you have, one problem that has become very common among people around the world is managing closet space. Although most of us don’t have too many clothes, still the closet space somehow seems smaller, mostly because we don’t utilize it properly. And just imagine how difficult it must be for celebrities who need a new outfit for almost every public appearance they make. But Celine Dion is definitely acing her closet game.

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Celine Dion is among the richest musicians in the world.

One major component of our attire is the shoes we wear, and Dion probably has thousands of pairs in her ownership. It would be impractical of us to expect her to simply tuck them all under her bed or stuff them in her closet (where will all the clothes go, then?). But she has found a way to keep all of her shoes neatly tucked in without cluttering any part of her house.

Off-Site Storage

According to a revelation which Dion made on the show Carpool Karaoke, which is hosted by the hilarious James Corden, the singer had been asked by the host to talk about her obsession with shoes, as it has become publicly known that Dion has a problem of hoarding shoes.

Corden was particularly interested in knowing whether Dion could even state an exact number for her entire shoe collection, hinting at the fact that he thought she probably has lost count considering the thousands of pairs she owns.

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On her appearance in the Carpool Karaoke special with James Corden, Celine revealed some very interesting facts about herself.

In the past, Dion has stated the figure of around 10,000 pairs when talking about her shoe collection with the media outlet WWD. During that interview, she even explained that the reason why she would not be giving away any of these pairs is that she feels very personally connected with them, and hence it has become very difficult for her to part ways with any of them.

According to her, each of these pairs had been with her at some part of her journey, and that is why she would be keeping them even if it meant getting a bigger closet space to store them.

A Shoe Warehouse

At first, Dion had thought that she could probably contain all of her shoes inside her house located in Florida, and hence she got a walk-in closet with digitalized features installed there. This closet helped her organize her shoes by colors, helping her select them as quickly as possible according to her need. All she had to do was push a button of whichever color she wanted, and the closet would guide her to the pairs accordingly.

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It’s certainly not easy managing storage for over 10K shoes, but Celine has done it seemingly effortlessly.

But then Dion moved to Ceasar’s Palace, where she is now taking up residence for quite some time now. Of course, all of her shoes had to come with her, but she couldn’t possibly have them all inside her new residence.

So, as a solution, Dion decided to get an external warehouse dedicated to her shoes. The shoes not only offer her ease of having a pair for every need but also, according to her, a good way to cope with the people she has lost over the years, which includes her husband.

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