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Check Out These Hollywood Celebrities Who Excel in Showbiz and Entrepreneurship!

These celebrities may have been successful when it comes to their respective careers by hitting record-breaking Statistics and receiving awards for their remarkable performances, but they also excel when it comes entrepreneurship. Let’s find out how these celebrities balance their time and hard work and become successful in their respective entrepreneurial ventures.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba’s successful business started when she had an allergic reaction when she used one laundry detergent. Since it frustrated her how she couldn’t use some products due to allergies, she came up with an idea to produce non-toxic products.

Today, her business produce more than 100 allergy-free products ranging from diapers, household cleaners, and shampoos and sell them on giant retail locations like Target and Whole Foods.

Alba starred as The Invisible Woman (a.k.a Susan Storm) in the iconic 2005 film, Fantastic Four.

She also has an online website for people who prefer to order her products online. Despite facing back-to-back lawsuits claiming they misled customers by labeling their products “nontoxic” when allegedly the ingredients contain “toxic properties,” as well as another suit claiming their sunscreen was ineffective, Alba hails victorious as she won both cases.

Not only that, but her company’s revenue grow to an astounding $300 million as of 2018 with a staggering $1.7 billion company valuation.

George Clooney

Despite his immense success in filmmaking when he received two prestigious Academy Award, Clooney reveals his ultimate success lies in his business. In July 2018, he sold Casamigos for an astounding $700 million upfront cash to Diageo. Moreover, Diageo will pay an additional $300 million should the company maintains its sales goals for the next decade.

Clooney co-founded the famous tequila company with Rande Garber in 2013. Later on, they entered a partnership with Mike Meldman, the real-estate mogul to officially launch the company. Casamigos became an instant success as it sold over 120,000 liquor cases in 2016. The company anticipates selling more than 170,000 claims for the rest of the year.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese may have a soaring career, but she’s also a successful entrepreneur by investing her money into the business. In 2012, she founded a prestigious production company named Pacific Standard that produced blockbuster-hit films like Gone Girl and Wild. In 2015, she also launched a fashion clothing and lifestyle company named Draper James.

The Oscar-award actress jumpstarted her entrepreneurial venture by founding three companies.

The brand received a whopping $10 million investment as Reese inked the deal in may with Forerunner Ventures to sell her brand in Nordstrom stores. Reese’s thirst and passion for entrepreneurship didn’t stop as she recently founded Hello Sunshine, a multimedia firm launched in 2016.

Reese aims to produce films and TV series showcasing fierce women as protagonists or female-centric literary masterpieces. The multimedia company is set to produce two films from two best-selling authors.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia dreams of showcasing Latino talents and literary pieces to the world.

Despite being one of the highest-paid personalities in America, Sofia also owns a multi-million marketing and production firm named Latin World Entertainment as well as Raze, as a digital media business.

Vergara co-founded LWE with Luis Balaguer in 1994 to showcase Latino talents. Latin World Entertainment is now responsible for producing the most prominent celebrities like Rafael de La Fuente and Alejandra Espinoza in the Spanish media industry.

Meanwhile, Sofia also co-founded Raze with Balaguer and formed a partnership with Emiliano Calemzuk, Fox TV Studios’ former president to produce Latin-centered content and distribute it in various digital platforms. Sofia launched Raze in January, and they inked a partnership with BTF and Dhana media to create her first shows.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica started as a pop star and later on turned to a reality TV sensation before she ventured into business in 2006. In the same year, she co-founded a company based on her name with her mother.

Together, she and Tina Ann Drew, produce a collection of shoe line, jewelry, women’s clothing, and sunglasses. Recently, they also launched baby clothes and home goods collection. According to Forbes, Jessica’s company makes an astounding $1 billion per year for more than a decade.

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