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Check Out These Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Princess Diana!

Princess Diana may have been one of the most famous royal icons in the world, but her pre-royal years were shrouded in mystery despite her living in the Queen’s back gardens. Diana kept a low profile during her childhood days in the English countryside before marrying Prince Charles in 1981. Let us uncover these exciting and surprising facts about Princess Diana as we get to know more about the late Princess of Wales.

Her Prominent Neighbor

Princess Diana’s neighbor all through her life was none other than Queen Elizabeth herself.

Princess Diana’s mother gave birth to her on July 1, 1961, at Park House after they bought the home shortly after their wedding. Their house was just a stone throw away from Queen Elizabeth II’s house, where she became Diana’s parents’ guest of honor at their wedding.

She Had The Title of Earl Spencer

The insider revealed the late Princess wasn’t called “Lady Diana” before she was born. Rather, she was referred to as “Earl Spencer” since her father at that time was still an heir to the title. Her father, the late Earl John Spencer was known for the title of Viscount Althorp.

Aside from Princess Diana, her big sisters Jane and Sarah also held the title of “Earl.” The public referred to the late Princess as “Honourable Diana Spencer” during her early years.  

Princess Diana’s Christening Happened At an Iconic Church

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Aside from Princess Diana, Princess Charlotte was also baptized at the same church in 2015.

Diana got baptized at Church of St. Mary Magdalene, also located in Sandringham Estate. This church is iconic and special because the royal family has been using it to celebrate Christmas holidays together for decades. Princess Charlotte also got baptized at the same church.

Princess Diana Never Met Her Older Brother

Before Diana was born, she already had a big brother named John. Unfortunately, her brother died a few hours after he was born. Princess Diana may not have experienced having a big brother, but she indeed became a caring and loving big sister to Prince Charles Spencer when he was born in 1964.

Her Playmates Were Royals

Princess Diana spent her childhood days playing with Prince Charles’ siblings.

Since their house was nearby the Queen’s official residence, Princess Diana spent a lot of time with the royal family. She spent most of her childhood with Prince Andrew (who was a year older than her), as well as Prince Edward. Princess Diana didn’t meet Prince Charles yet since he was away for his education.  

She Was Homeschooled

Like many other nobles, the Spencers also started their nursery school at home. Their tutor was the late Governess Gertrude Allen, who also took care of Diana’s mum and taught her first royal lessons when she was young.

Her First School Already Closed Down

Shortly after her home-schooling, Diana went to Silfield for her primary education. Then, she moved to Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk to study music and dancing. Unfortunately, Princess Diana’s loyal fans cannot visit her primary school anymore since Silfield already shut down in 2004.

The Sounds of Gravel Haunted Diana

The late Princess’ parents broke up when she was just six years old, so growing up having a broken family scarred Diana and her siblings’ hearts. Her royal biographer, Penny Junor, revealed how Princess Diana would recall the painful memory of her mother leaving their home whenever she heard the sounds of crunching gravel. Her contact with her mother became scarcer when the court awarded their father the custody of her and her siblings.

She Loved Water

Aside from excelling in tap dancing as well as playing piano, Princess Diana also demonstrated excellence in swimming and diving. She continued honing her swimming skills while boarding at West Heath in Kent. While she gave up her dream of becoming a ballerina when she grew too tall, Diana didn’t give up her passion for water. She was often seen leaving a pool after a swimming session in her later years.

She Once Lived in Switzerland

Princess Diana headed to Switzerland and attended Institut Alpin Videmanette to finish her school until 1978 before going back to London. She was then referred to as “Lady Diana Spencer” after her father inherited the earldom title in 1975. Little did the Late Princess know, her fate was about to change forever when she met Prince Charles and had a relationship with him a few years later.

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