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Chester Bennington’s Music is Still Making Money For His Family, and The Amount Will Shock You!

Even after all this time that has passed since Chester Bennington left this world, his music continues to have an impact on millions of lives. He was the soul of Linkin Park, the one who poured his heart into the band’s songs and made them immortal.

However, according to recent reports, it seems like his music catalog is also worth a lot of money right now, something that would definitely benefit the family he has left behind.

Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock
Chester has left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten, thanks to the timeless music he made during his life

Apparently, Talinda Bennington, who was married to Chester before he took his own life, has filed some legal paperwork which has brought to light the value associated with Chester’s music catalog. Although we are not sure about the reason behind Talinda’s filing of these documents, the information that has surfaced because of them has left everyone somewhat shocked.

The Worth Of Chester’s Music

While Linkin Park fans would readily claim that Chester’s music is priceless and cannot be given a price tag, it still has an associated net worth which would eventually be cashed by his family over the course of the rights agreements associated with it. In total, this catalog and all the rights which Chester owned during his life amount to an impressive $8 million.

According to the details mentioned in the filing, the royalties which would be earned by the late singer, both in the present time as well as those that would become due sometime in the future, have a price tag of around $5.2 million associated with them.

The world will always remember Chester for his electrifying performances

Furthermore, Chester also held a portion of the publishing rights for the songs that became part of the Linkin Park brand, which is worth around $1.5 million. Another approximately $1.3 million is expected to come from the rights that belong to Chester for having written some of the songs for Linkin Park as well as for other musicians.

Leaving Behind So Much

Remember, this is not the only property that Chester has left behind for his family. In addition to these royalties and rights, all the real estate which belonged to the singer has also come under the ownership of Talinda, who will naturally share it with the six children that she had with Chester before his sudden demise back in 2017.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Chester was only 41 years young when he decided to end his life, leaving behind a wife and six children

There was very little indication that Chester was on the brink of committing suicide. In fact, a couple of months before doing it, Chester had posted a very positive tweet, implying that there was a lot in life that he was aspiring towards especially when it came to making music.

He was also doing very well as far as his career was concerned, as Linkin Park had released a new album that had become very successful and the band was due to go on a tour as well.

Many people close to him described Chester as being in the best of health during his final days, which is why his death came as an even bigger shock to them since, at least to them, nothing was wrong.

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