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Are Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Having a Third Off-Spring? See Insides

Chrissy Teigen is an American model who poses like a diva with her kids at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Luna and Miles struck a pose for a cute selfie with their mother from inside the Grammy Awards. Chrissy is also a cookbook author and shares a cute snap with her kids, Luna Simone and Miles Theodore, from inside the event.

John Legend On A Humanitarian Act in Russia & Ukraine War

People / John Legend does an exceptional job in raising awareness about Russia and Ukraine war.

However, we can see in the photo that Luna and Teigen are smiling like a goddess. While Miles seems entirely unamused and annoyed and leans his head over the back of the seat. The sweet moment was captured just before her husband (John Legend) appeared on stage. John Legend did an exceptional performance in raising awareness over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Furthermore, this nuclear family has also captured the picture together in which Teigen and Luna smiled like a diva, Miles posed on his own, while John Legend flares a grin.

Chrissy Teigen Wishes To Have Her Third Baby Soon

BBC / The love birds are expecting to have their third baby through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

On the other hand, Teigen and John have shared a wish and hope to grow their family again after they lost their third child (Jack) in 2020. Teigen has also demonstrated through social media that she had begun special IVF treatments for their family growth.

She asserted that she wanted her fans to know that she is trying to conceive and has started her special IVF treatment to save her ovulation period. To develop a solid and healthy embryo out of it. She has a deep wish to have a third offspring soon.

Her Fan’s Questions About The Pregnancy Sadden Her


Vogue / Chrissy prefers not to hear the question of pregnancy from her fans.

Moreover, she added that she doesn’t mind having a shot because it makes her feel like a doctor or a chemist, but bloating irritates her. Therefore, she humbly asks her fan to stop asking if she’s expecting. Such questions sadden her because she isn’t expecting yet, but she wishes to have another baby soon. She requested people, by saying that this isn’t right, to ask female celebrities whether they’re pregnant or not because it is a personal and sensitive issue. However, legend informed that Luna and Miles know that their parents are trying for a baby, and the kids are happy to know that.

Nonetheless, the EGOT winner showed empathy by saying that those in the same boat might be living a complex and challenging life. However, so many females are struggling with fertility issues. And she thinks that there is no harm in taking medical help as soon as possible. Furthermore, John Legend asserted whether it’s an IVF treatment or any other fertility struggle or a miscarriage. It is good enough to share the feelings with other fellows because many couples are going through the same situation and suffering in silence. Indeed, these days are hard for couples like them.

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