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Christina Aguilera: From Feeling Insecure About Her Body to Loving Her Curves

What do you think happens if Will Smith goes to a supermarket or Shakira to a park? They get mobbed and hounded for photos and autographs, right? Well, this is what a celebrity’s life is all about. Being one isn’t all roses and rainbows. Of course, there are tons of money and glamor, but all of it comes with lots of media pressure, public expectation, social responsibilities, insecurities, and of course, a zero-privacy lifestyle.

But, unlike most, some celebs know how to take such things with a pinch of salt and keep moving ahead. Christina Aguilera is one such celebrity. The singer believes in walking with confidence while working on her challenges.


Wallpaper Hi | Celebrity life is often challenging, but Christina Aguilera knows how to take things in her stride

In a recent interview with Health Magazine, Aguilera opened up about gaining confidence and working through insecurities in public life. Let’s take a look at what she said.

Unfolding Christina Aguilera’s interview

Aguilera said it made her feel like a ping pong ball bouncing all around the clock when explaining her never-ending work schedule. The lockdowns and restrictions owing to last year’s pandemic somewhat eased her pain by giving her a much-needed break, where she bonded with her children Max and Summer and spent some time self-reflecting.


Entertainment Tonight | While her career usually keeps her on her toes, Aguilera says the lockdowns offered her some respite and self-reflection time

When the conversation switched to the topic of her turning forty soon, Aguilera said it makes you question your existence and purpose in life. She continued that with age, she’s understood the uncertainty of life and has started focusing on the really important things. Today, making memories was more important to her than worrying about what other people thought.

Speaking about confidence, Aguilera said that people have always considered her as a pillar of strength because of her bold messages in the media. But when they learn about her feelings, they often express surprise over her being so vulnerable. Despite that, the singer said she isn’t ashamed of owning her dark moments because they play a vital role in shaping her. Her childhood traumas and her struggles with depression and anxiety have made her what she is now – a strong, bold, and beautiful woman.

Opening up about her experience with tabloids, Aguilera said that it’s annoying sometimes to have no privacy at all. She recalled an incident when a day after hanging out with her daughter, their pictures were on a tabloid’s front page.

This incident made her very emotional because she always wanted a private life for her family. Moving to feel secure about her body, the singer said she hated being super skinny in her initial days. At that time, she felt quite insecure looking at her pictures. However, when she turned twenty-one, and her body started filling out a bit, she fell in love with her curves. Today, she has appreciates and owns her body for what it is.


AP | The singer admits to feeling insecure about a lot of things a few years back, but she is a strong woman today and encourages others to be too

Summing it up

Christina Aguilera has always been an inspiration to aspiring singers, especially females. Her journey, her struggles, and how she overcame them have shown people that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Moreover, her work has always questioned the social stigmas in society and has shown a better way of living.

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