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Christopher Masterson & Yolanda Pecoraro Become Parents to Cute Daughter

It looks like we have a new dad in town!

Malcolm in the Middle actor Christopher Masterson recently welcomed his first child with his wife, Yolanda Pecoraro. On Saturday, April 3, 2021, Pecoraro took to Instagram to announce the arrival of her daughter Chiara Darby Masterson.

She posted a picture of the baby alongside a “love you” message written beside her name. Later, the actress-cum-model posted a few more pictures of her daughter on her Insta story. She even shared a cute video of Chiara, where the newborn can be seen curled up in the bed while moving around slightly.


Yolanda Pecoraro/Instagram | Christopher Masterson just became a father. Yolanda Pecoraro birthed a beautiful daughter recently.

The Graceland actress tagged Masterson while writing “my sweet baby” on one of the pictures. Soon her post was flooded with congratulations messages from fans and followers. Among the numerous wishes was Masterson’s sister Alanna’s comment where she called the baby a “cutie”.

A walk through Christopher and Yolanda’s pregnancy

In late 2020, Masterson and Pecoraro announced that they were expecting. Not much later, Yolanda shared a couple of pictures flaunting her baby bump at the beach. On November 7, 2020, she posted two images on her Instagram account.

In the first one, the 36-year-old was looking down on her stomach while cradling her bump while sporting a black-and-white gingham bikini with a Yankees hat. The second photo, on the other hand, showed her smiling at the camera. At that time, the new mom captioned the post as baby Masterson.


Nicki Swift | Masterson and Pecoraro got engaged in 2018 and then tied the knot in 2019

In August 2019, the celebrity duo tied the knot on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Pictures posted on Pecoraro’s Instagram revealed the pair got engaged in June 2018. In the photograph, Pecoraro is showing off her engagement ring while holding Masterson’s hand. She complimented her post with a heart emoji.

A peek inside Christopher’s career

Masterson’s last film was the 2019 movie Beneath the Leaves, where he played George Middleton’s role. Before that, he played a guy on Ferry in the 2016 movie Urge. But his most prominent work to date is in the 2000 television sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, where he played the role of Francis. The show revolves around Malcolm, a genius boy in a dysfunctional working-class family portrayed by Frankie Muniz.


Getty Images | Frankie Muniz, who played Malcolm alongside Masterson, also welcomed a child in 2021

Speaking of Muniz, did you know that he too welcomed a child in 2021? On March 27, Muniz took to Instagram to introduce his first child with Paige Muniz. He posted a couple of photos of his son alongside a slate, with a heartfelt message that explained how this little one changed his life forever.

One image showed the baby lying beside a slate with his name (Mauz Mosley Muniz), birth date (March 22), and weight (7 lbs) written on it. Other pictures showed the baby sleeping on his parent’s lap or chest.

It looks like parenthood is the new celeb trend this year!

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