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Classical Hollywood Stars Who Are Still Alive

Barbara Walters – Age 92

Barbara Walters is respected within the media industry for her endless contributions as a broadcast journalist. She’s known for hosting various TV shows, but she also previously penned magazine articles and has two publications to her name. Programs like The View and ABC’s 20/20 once attached her name to their credits.

Heart problems forced her to quit the industry in 2018. Her condition continued declining, and in 2020, Hollywood News Daily reported that Walters had dementia. She’s been in seclusion for the past four years, and those closest to her prefer to shelter Walters from the current events happening in the world.

Connie Stevens – Age 83

Young and Dangerous, a 1957 musical drama, marked Connie Stevens’s film debut. The following year she released her first album titled Concetta. With appearances in Rock-A-Bye-Baby, 77 Sunset Strip, and Hawaiian Eye, her star power increased. Most recently, she graced the big screen in the 2019 movie By the Rivers of Babylon.

Behind the scenes, Stevens is an accomplished screenwriter and cinematographer with credits for the 1997 documentary A Healing. She’s the announced producer/director for the forthcoming adventure movie Prairie Bones. Her two daughters Tricia Leigh and Joely Fisher are equally successful actresses.

Kim Novak – Age 88

For the five decades that Kim Novak has worked as an actress, she’s starred opposite leading men, including Frank Sinatra. Her career could have soared to even greater heights, but when she reached her mid-30s, Novak figured it was time to quit the industry. She settled at Big Spur raising horses while also painting occasionally.

Novak has suffered from several medical issues, and in 2006, she punctured her lung and sustained broken ribs from a horse-riding incident. Sue Cameron revealed that she had breast cancer. A visual artist showcased her works at The Butler Institute of American Art between June to October 2019.

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