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Creative Ways to Display Plants in Your Space

Indoor plants not only make your living space more inviting and luxurious; they also make your home’s air healthier. It’s easy to enjoy all the benefits of plants indoors. However big or small your home, there’s definitely room for a leafy beauty or two, from tiny bonsai to stately palms and figs. They can pep up a mantlepiece, filter light coming through a window, or even help divide an open-plan living space.

They can add contrast and texture to the simplest decor, turn a dull set of shelves into a stunning statement, or add a stylish flourish to a new coffee table or kitchen island. Check out some of our favorite ways to freshen up your home décor with a touch of green.

Create Contrast With Plants of All Sizes

Ylanite Koppens/ Pexels | ‘Fake’ flowers and leaves are more permanent than the dried ones that are ‘original.’

One plant can look lonely or out of place. But a group of plants can create beautiful contrast and movement that works with any space. We recommend following the interior design “rule of three,” which states that groups of items in odd numbers look more pleasing to the human eye.

When it comes to interior decorating with plants, choose a few plants of different sizes or shades of green to create contrast and visual interest. Keep it simple with matching pots, or add color with a variety of planters to suit your style.

Plant up a Picture

View plants from a different perspective by using them as living art. Perfect for pepping up a plain wall or bringing an organic touch to a functional space, these clever frames can house pairs of plants.

Min An/ Pexels | Having flowers and greenery in your space doubles productivity.

Position them tight together in rows or grids, where the plants will grow to hide their planting pockets, creating the look of a lush living wall. Plants with similar leaf tones work best for this. Alternatively, treat them as painterly masterpieces by choosing striking, colored foliage (try devil’s ivy and Philodendron) and spacing the frames evenly apart.

Match Your Plants to Your Design Style

There’s nothing wrong with buying plants simply because you like them. But, if you’re interested in interior decorating with plants, you may want to select plants that fit the look of your home. If you love mid-century modern, consider oversized plants like a fiddle leaf fig or rubber tree. Pair them with tall-legged planters to complete the look.

If you adore the farmhouse look, look for functional plants like herbs or aloe in vintage metal planters or repurposed pots. Eucalyptus, arrowhead vine, and succulents are also great choices.

Try Minimal

Elle Hughes/ Pexels | Indoor gardening is one of the most wholesome hobbies one can ever have.

If you love the minimal style, then a lovingly tended bonsai could be your perfect, leafy fit. Meticulously tended, their intricate shapes and textures look stunning, displayed in an alcove or center-stage on a coffee table, against a simple and well-ordered backdrop.

Detailed and intricate varieties such as juniper, yew, and pine are great for beginners as they are slow-growing and will tolerate different environments.

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