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Crystal Hefner Has ‘Removed Everything Fake’ From Her Body and Refreshed Her Social Life

Hugh Hefner recently took to her Instagram to announce that she was undergoing a massive health transformation. She announced that she had removed everything fake from her body and was finally ready to embrace her true self.

She further admitted that she had been faking her body to impress other people and come to the realization that she was living for their approval, rather than for herself. Her guilt led to her feeling like she despised herself, even though it gave her the fame she was seeking. To further admit to her guilt she deleted all her previous Instagram posts and has vowed to head on with her fresh start. She thanked her fans for helping her find modesty and honest empowerment. 

Don Sniegowski/ Flickr | Hugh’s estate has been inherited by his daughter and two sons

Timeline of their relationship

35-year-old Crystal Hefner got married to Hugh Hefner on a romantic New Year’s Eve in 2012 when she was just 26 years old. She became the third wife of Hugh and received major backlash on social media over her relationship. At the time she was studying psychology as her major in a local university in San Diego and worked as a model part-time. When a few of her friends suggested she get into the party at the Playboy mansion.

She was soon invited to stay at the mansion with Hefner and her girlfriend Shannon with her two twins. Hugh started showing interest in Crystal and soon enough they eventually became exclusive. They got engaged at Christmas of 2010 and she received a £50,000 diamond ring.

Hefner introduced his fiance to the world by calling her “America’s Princess”, on the cover of his magazine. Unfortunately, Hugh fell ill in 2017 and died from Blood Disorder Sepsis. After his death, Crystal inherited his $5 million Hollywood Hill house and split his fortune between his four children, charities, and universities. 

Highsmith, Carol M/ Picryl | The Playboy mansion was sold for over $100 million

Crystal went through a tough time after his death as she got diagnosed with Lyme disease and had to go through several surgeries, including fat transferring surgeries, on her body to maintain a healthy and fit body for the public eye. Going through all these changes, she eventually realized it simply wasn’t worth it. That’s why she recently took social media to announce her changes to her 3 million followers.

Crystal wants her fellow females to recognize the risks plastic surgeries and fat transferring surgeries place on our life. She faced a near-death experience when her body went into dire need of blood transfusion and has been struggling with eating properly ever since. She shared her new mission to stay true to herself and help other females embrace their beauty and their mistakes with her.
Charisse Kenion/ Unsplash | Hefner made a large business from his magazines

Ever since the death of Hugh, Crystal has been on the journey to find herself, figure out her new life and feel love again. She did find love again through Nathan Levi, a spaceship engineer. Despite moving on in life she claims that her affection and respect for Hugh remain untainted.

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