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The Dark Side Of Hollywood: Celebrity Stalkers

They say that all that glitters is not gold and believe it or not, it is quite true! This is particularly true in the case of Hollywood glitz and glam. You may have seen how Hollywood is marketed to the younger generation; they tell about the fame you get, the money you earn, and how all the good things in life become yours to take. However, is this the reality of a Hollywood celebrity? Or, is there more to it that usually gets swept under the rug? When you become famous, it brings along lots of perks, such as boosting your career, and everyone knows who you are – literally everyone – including the creeps, the lowlifes, and the stalkers. 

Yes, Hollywood is notoriously known for its stalking situation that most female celebrities have to deal with. Most of them now live in fear of being followed, attacked, or harmed by one of these stalkers claiming to be a dedicated fan. This is the dark side of Hollywood, which rarely anyone talks about. So, if you are interested in learning more about it, the following are some of your favorite stars that have to deal with stalkers.

Ekaterina/Pexels | This list will have you fearing for your star’s safety

1. Britney Spears

Friends can turn into enemies, and ex-husbands can turn into stalkers! This is the case for Britney Spears, whose wedding got crashed by Jason Alexander in 2022. Earlier on in the year, Spears announced her engagement with her long-term boyfriend, Sam Asghari, and fans were overjoyed about the upcoming wedding. However, the wedding bells turned into horror sounds as Jason Alexander was found roaming Spears’ property while live streaming the break-in. Alexander and Spears were only married for 55 hours before the marriage was annulled, and now, almost everyone knows why.

2. Ariana Grande

The Queen of High and Whistle is a global sensation. Her songs are streamed worldwide, and her huge fanbase loves her. However, recently the star received an unwanted birthday surprise from a stalker she had already gotten a restraining order against but still managed to break into the pop star’s Montecito home. Luckily, Ariana Grande was not home at that time. The authorities were quick to put the man in cuffs for damaging power lines, burglary, stalking, and violation of a restraining order. But this is not the first time this man has been arrested for committing a crime against a pop star; in September, he showed up at Grande’s residence with a knife and openly threatened to murder her.

Rafael/Pexels | Yikes, this is something out of a horror film.

3. Taylor Swift

The phenomenal singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has had quite the experiences with stalkers. Recently, a Brooklyn man stalked the pop star at her NYC home and had been following her across a bunch of states, as per police investigation. The man was arrested on the charges of stalking and criminal trespass on the 2nd of July.

Hollywood has some seriously crazy people running around.

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