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Demands That Celebrities Make Backstage

Famous personalities make good money out of their best performances. They give satisfaction to their audience, express their passion and share it with the public. But in all the performances, celebrities make demands to make themselves comfortable and pamper themselves before hitting the stage to entertain their audiences.

Here are some of the crazy demands that celebrities ask for at the back of the stage:


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Chocolate almond milk, fish, and vegetables are just some of the singer’s demand behind the curtains. There also has to be seven sets of metal silverware. A lighter and three glade candles are also on the list. Alicia Keys loves to eat as evidenced by her request for three Italian and local seafood menus. Furthermore, there have to be two cases of beer, individual packets of Quaker Oats, an assorted platter of fruits, and three cans of Chunk white tuna for her diet.


As an animal rights supporter, McCartney bans fur, meat, and leather. He loves flowers, by the way. He likes Casablanca lilies, pale pink and white roses, and an arrangement of freesia.

He prefers halogen floor lamps that have a dimmer switch. His dressing room should also have six leafy plants. McCartney also demands 20 dozen of clean towels outside of the production office.


He got the “most bizarre request” title from his comedy tour “Semi-Pro.” Among them are the requests of a painted rainbow on the wheels of an electric scooter and a fake tree. He demands a headset microphone just like that of Janet Jackson, beers, Smart or Fiji water, peanut butter power bars, and raw-roasted almonds.


The famous singer insists on blue or black drapes layered with icy-blue chiffon, a large animal-printed throw rug, six Candles — Archipelago Black Forest, and a humidifier. Oh, don’t forget the 5 AC outlets, and her tulips without the foliage.


Carey’s dressing room should have eight tall plants, Joe Malone vanilla candles, roses (white) and drapes. The room should have 75 degrees temperature and a three-seat couch with no busy designs. Other requirements include 12 liters of Fiji Water, chardonnay, coke, sparkling water, wine glasses and wine, warm fried chicken, and sugarless gum.


Mother monster loves a smoothie so much that she gets an entire smoothie station in her dressing room. She also insists on two bottles of wine, a TV set and a DVD player, and four unscented candles. It would be incomplete without bottles of green tea, veggie hotdogs, a plate of cheese with whole wheat crackers, and fresh fruits.


Beyoncé likes her dressing room at 78 degrees with rose-scented candles without any Coca-cola inside due to her her Pepsi contract. The large table for catered foods should be dressed with white tablecloths. There have to be brand new towels, two for the body and anther two for the face. She also likes rose-scented candles with a lighter and a CD-player.


Bieber does not ask for Selena. Let’s focus on his preferences before dancing, singing, and swooning a million girls all over the world.

The room must maintain a temperature of 68-75 degrees. Two cases of water, diet coke, and a case of ginger ale all on the ice must be present. Furthermore, there should be an iron and ironing board with professional quality, and Vicks. He prefers fresh food products and a private bathroom.



The ‘Rolling In the Deep singer obviously keeps away from acidic foods. But like the other celebrities, she loves to eat fresh fruits.

Adele loves chicken salad sandwiches that do not contain tomatoes. She insists on metal teaspoons, the best red wine, and some Marlboro Lights. There would have to be an electric kettle for boiling water, six new mugs for tea, and some chewing gum.


Watch the Throne rapper Jay-Z’s dressing room requirements are slightly more modest than his famous friends: “good quality” peanut butter and jelly and a clean bucket of ice. Among others, Jay-Z insists on seven dressing rooms, a loveseat, a large couch, 248 cases of Fiji water, six cans each of Coca-Cola and Red Bull, ^ bottles of Vitamin Water, grape jelly, and hot tea service.

These celebrities surely give the best performances of their lives to their fans. They have every right to make demands as to their preference backstage. They ave to be given the luxury for the good shows they prepare no matter how weird or extravagant their demands are.


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