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Demi Lovato Buys Farmhouse Worth 7 Million In Studio City

Less than six months after Demi Lovato sold her Hollywood mansion, a brand new property has made its way into her prized possessions. The American singer recently splashed 7 million dollars on a Los Angeles farmhouse that’s situated in the quiet neighborhood of Studio City. As they say, celebs change houses sooner than they change outfits! Join us as we spill the beans on this one.

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Observer | Demi Lovato has recently put up her Hollywood mansion for sale

Let’s check out the house

Lovato’s choice of property somewhat reflects the kind of person she is. It’s a beautiful farmhouse located in the low-key area of Studio City, ideal for anybody who cherishes a quiet life. Stretching over an area of 8,500 square feet, the stylish pad contains six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. As compared to her former abode, this home is sure to give Lovato more space to dance and sing around.

Rumor has it that the property is laced with all the nice features any celebrity would want in his/her house. The entryway is highly welcoming with its wide-plank hardwood floors. The accent walls have a subtle look of deep forest green and can be seen in the formal dining space.

The living room contains a wood-paneled floor-to-ceiling fireplace which brightens the look of the entire place by offering a sharp contrast. The dining room and the family room are separated by glass sliders, and the kitchen contains an unusual wood stove hood.


LA Times | The $7 million house spread across 8,500 square feet

The main suite of the house is structured with a minimalist fireplace, many built-in storage shelves, and a corner office area. The attached bathroom has a spa-like structure with vanities that can put the most luxurious of hotels to shame. It also contains a waterfall shower that’s enclosed with glass and a state-of-the-art soaking tub. And there’s no way you can miss the roomy walk-in closet. There’s also an eye-catching crystal chandelier in the dressing room. What’s more, suiting perfectly to Demi Lovato, who once performed at Grammy awards, the house contains a soundproof theatre with seats arranged like that of a stadium. Seriously, is there anything this place doesn’t have??

In addition to these awesome intricacies, the singer and her new fiancé Max Elrich will be enjoying a gym at the house along with a lounge and a wet bar.

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Billboard | Demi will be living in the house with her new fiance Max Elrich

We hope this one lasts

Like we said, celebs hop houses as easily as picking which shoes to wear. Lovato’s previous house, the Hollywood mansion, stayed her home for a mere 4 years before she sold it off. Let’s see how much time it takes for her to switch homes this time around!

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