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Denise Richards Has Gone to Court Against Charlie Sheen, and This is The Reason she is Asking Him for $450K!

When people get married, they vow to never leave each other’s side regardless of the complications that may enter their relationship. But yet, many marriages end up in a divorce.

Hollywood celebrities are well aware of the divorce process, considering the fact that many of them have experienced it at least once in their life. For actor Charlie Sheen and actress Denise Richards, this happened back in 2006 when their divorce proceedings were eventually finalized.

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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards sure looked good together

But, apparently, that was not the end of their dispute with each other, at least on the financial end of things. According to reports, the divorce had placed the need to pay child support on Sheen, with respect to the two children he had with Richards, which he has allegedly not paid to Richards in its entirety. Now Richards is claiming that amount in the court of law, stating an amount of $450K that remains unpaid to her.

Taking Legal Action

For Richards, going to the court of law has presented itself as the most logical way of convincing Sheen that he needed to pay child support for the upkeep of their children. She had filed this case back in August of this year, and in that filing, she had also alleged that Sheen was being an irresponsible spender, something that had a direct and negative impact on the livelihood of the couple’s children.

Sheen and Richards have two daughters together

According to Richards, apparently Sheen has spent more than $24 million, which he had generated from the TV show Two and a Half Men, on either paying off the debts he owed or simply to fund his allegedly lavish lifestyle. As a result, at least as per Richards, he has been unable to pay the child support that he had been ordered to pay by the court as part of their divorce proceedings.

In the filings, it has been made clear that Sheen did have the means to provide funds stipulated for child support, but he seemingly chose to avoid paying them. For example, it has been stated that Sheen had moved assets worth $600K to other members in his family and also sold many in order to pay for his personal expenditure.

What Does Sheen Have To Say About All This?

As a response to claims made by Richards, both in the court filings and in front of the press, Sheen has remained mostly unmoved and remains adamant that he would be absolved of any alleged wrongdoing in the court of law, at least according to a statement made by the actor.

He also made a legal filing with the purpose of securing a reduction in the amount that he is expected to pay in child support to both of his ex-wives, including Richards and Brooke Mueller.

Sheen married Brooke Mueller in 2008, and the couple split up in 2011

While Sheen’s financial circumstances have certainly changed over the years, his lifestyle may place some doubts with respect to his ability to pay the stipulated child support amount. Only time will reveal the outcome of this entire ordeal.

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