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Do You Desperately Need A Vacation Like We Do?—We’ve Got A Surprise For You!

Movies can provide one of the best possible escapes, entertaining people while they are practicing social distancing at their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the constant isolation, most folks just want to get our of their homes and visit the nearest beach or their favorite vacation spot.

Before the outbreak, some of us had even planned to visit new countries and spend some quality time there. While your passport is of no use these days, worry not for we got you covered. Here are some movies that you can watch to take you away to places you want to visit although you’re still at home:

Roman Holiday

Enjoy the fairy tale romance of this movie directed by William Wyler back in 1953! The film is Audrey Hepburn’s first Hollywood feature, where she plays a princess fleeing her royal duties to take a tour of Rome and see how ordinary people live. The whole movie, although in black and white, contains all the mesmerizing places of Europe, including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo, and others.

Out of Africa

This movie, known for grabbing  7 Academy Awards in a row, is packed with romance, passion, and cool places. It is based on the memoirs of Danish author Karen Blixen and was released in 1985. The movie contains sites from Northern Kenya and includes some of the most memorable scenes in the history of cinema. Why wouldn’t is, when it stars the award-winning actress Meryl Streep!

Eat, Pray, Love

This iconic movie depicts the romantic places of Rome, the vast and beautiful landscapes of Bali, and the overall spirituality of India. The film is based on the novel written by Elizabeth Gilbert and stars Julia Roberts. If you want to visit all the three places in one tour, then this 2006 flick is a must-watch!

Under the Tuscan Sun

This film released in 2003 is all about Italy, the site that attracts millions of visitors from around the globe year after year. It was filmed in Crotone, Arezzo, Siena, Florence, and many other soulful places. If you’re tired of procrastinating all day long? Check out this rom-com drama film, which stars Diane Lane.

Crazy Rich Asians

Filmed in Singapore, with all the luxury and the best production, the movie will leave you wanting to know more about the culturally rich country in different ways. It is based on the best-selling novel by Kevin Kwan and was directed by Jon M. Chu. Just stream this 2018 movie if you are into lavish details, high-end contemporary interiors, and eye candy settings. It stars Constance Wu and Henry Golding.

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