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‘Drake and Josh’ Star Drake Bell Has Something Shocking to Say about the ‘All That’ Reboot

Nearly 15 years ago, ‘90s kids had a different kind of “Saturday Night Live.” This had lesser serious, children-appropriate quips that would prompt laughter from the audience composed of young ones, too. It’s what you would watch if you like to be entertained and so, a revival for it is not a shocker at all.

Why not bring a Nickelodeon sketch comedy show to today’s audience? So when the project was green-lit, it brought nostalgic feels all over again, tapping the kids at heart.

1994’s ‘All That’

Some of the notable “All That” alums are Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, and Amanda Bynes

The original “All That” series ran from 1994 to 2005 and spanned 10 seasons, quite the quintessential comedy show the kids from the generation had watched. As with the “Saturday Night Live,” it had cast members, some of whom stayed while others moved on with other projects.

Some of the notable comedians include Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon, Kenan Thompson, Lori Beth Denberg, and Kel Mitchell. The much-celebrated project spawned a lot of spin-offs, including “The Amanda Show,” which is somehow a depiction that it was a success.

Although the original demographics might not be into the show anymore since it’s catered for kids, the news of a reboot ultimately prompts a walk down memory lane. However, one that had qualms about the revival is Drake Bell, a Nickelodeon child star who, apart from starring in the “Drake and Josh” from 2004 to 2007, was also a cast member in “The Amanda Show” from 1999 to 2002.

Not a Fan of the Reboot

Drake Bell didn’t think the reboot of “All That” is funny

Drake did not shy about his negative sentiments about the sitcom, clearly showing that he was not impressed with the new “All That.” After seeing the promotional clip for the reboot, he took to Instagram to air his disappointment. Without mincing his words, he described it as the “WORST” he has seen in a long time. He also said he was confused if it was an improv or was scripted because a cast member used the word “joking” to rhyme with the same word four times.

The video showed the new cast of the sitcom, aging from 12 to 15, in a mock audition singing as they tell how funny they are. Drake was clearly comparing the reboot with the original, uploading a photo of the original cast and saying the 2019 version was not “EVEN CLOSE.” While “All That” didn’t find a fan in the singer, it somehow received a seal of approval from Kenan, who is one of the showrunners of the show.

On the Opposite Side

Kenan Thompson executive produced the revival of the 90s show

Unlike Drake who was bummed about the reboot or the script, Kenan said he finds it cool to see the kids experiencing what they had gone through during the days. Furthermore, the “Saturday Night Live” cast member said he was thrilled to give advice to the youngsters.

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