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Dwight Howard Suffers a Slight Loss Before the Restart of NBA Season: Sells Washington Penthouse for Less than its Buying Price!

Dwight Howard, 34, has an impressive track record in the basketball league where he stands out for being an all-star for eight matches and has received many accolades as a three-time NBA defensive player of the year.

Lakers Nation | The player is a born champion in the court, with many wins under his belt

Unfortunately, it seems like his luck sticks with him solely in the basketball court.

Recently, the star suffered a slight loss when he tried to offload his penthouse in Washington D.C after abandoning the Washington Wizards and committing to the Los-Angeles Lakers for a year. The two-story penthouse is built in a repurposed school building that dates back to 1893 and remained a prominent establishment for a whole century.

The school was then reimagined into a nine-unit residential facility by a German architect, Adolf Cuss in 2012. Dwight Howard acquired the loft in 2018 for $2.3 million and listed it for sale with Sotheby’s in January 2020 for $2.75 million.

According to the LA Times, Mr. Dwight failed to make any profit on the deal and instead incurred a minor loss by signing the bid for just $2 million. The 10,134 square foot penthouse is a creative masterpiece that has retained the original essence of the old schoolhouse by incorporating the exposed brick walls, locker, chalkboards, and cubbies in its ingenious overhaul.

Architectural Digest | Interestingly, the original school architecture shines throughout the penthouse

The penthouse features five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. The wide dining and living space has chalkboards lining each of the four walls. One of the four bathrooms, too, has retained its old ambiance by preserving the plumbing and fixtures from the school.

The heart of the house is a high lofted unit that bathes in the natural light completed with polished hardwood flooring. The room is completed with an exposed brick fireplace and an in-house wet bar. From here, a flight of glass stairs gives way to the upper story.

The upper floor of the penthouse offers the most magnificent suite with a built-in full-length wardrobe, which doubles as a partition between the bedroom and the dressing area. In the master bathroom, Howard commissioned a customized aquarium inside the shower stall and a massage room built especially for relaxation purposes.

LA Times | The classic aquarium gives a unique touch to the master bathroom

The other luxuries offered in the NBA star’s old Washington D. C. residence include a huge TV room, with a stadium seating facility, to optimize the screening experience and create a mood for viewing live matches. To benefit from a penthouse setting, the unique residence has a steel staircase that leads up to a roof patio.

The Pierce School Building turned residential square has other additional facilities to offer for all its residents, as well, including a fully functional gym, a huge black bottomed swimming pool that has a 40,000-gallon capacity, and a hot tub that serves as an optimum hub for destressing.

Though the NBA star sold off this luxurious facility, he is still a proud owner of homes in Los Angeles and Florida and an Atlanta Mansion that covers a massive expanse of 35000 square-foot.

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