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Eddie Murphy Returning to Stand-Up In a Shocking Netflix Deal, Here Is What We Know So Far!

It is remarkable how fast we are entering the digital age, especially in the entertainment industry, as greater internet connectivity around the world has allowed millions of people to stream the content of their choice through online streaming services such as Netflix. In addition to TV shows and movies, other entertainment mediums have also started making their way onto streaming platforms, including stand-up comedy.

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Eddie Murphy would become approx. $70 million richer with this new Netflix deal.

There is no doubt that standup comedy is a very popular medium of entertainment, as it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and talent to become a good comedian which makes it a very rare art form to master. Hence, those who are able to establish a name for themselves in the world of comedy become highly regarded for their craft, and of course, handsomely compensated. Eddie Murphy is one such comic and, according to reports, he is in the process of securing a deal with Netflix amounting to a whopping $70 million.

Stand-Up On Netflix

If you ask anyone about the funniest people they have ever seen, we bet Eddie Murphy would definitely make the top five. The comic had been a huge success during his stand-up days, bringing in impressive crowds who could not get enough of his material. However, he eventually left the medium to pursue other career aspirations, including films.

But fans had been adamant that Murphy needed to make a comeback on the stand-up platform, and now they’d be thrilled to discover that it is finally happening. Even Murphy had reportedly always wanted to return in the stand-up arena, but perhaps what stopped him is the fact that it is not an easy decision to make such a comeback after all these years since the pressure on him to deliver an exceptional show would be monumental.

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It has been a while since we saw Eddie Murphy on the stand-up platform.

Being Highly Paid

With a deal that is expected to amount to approximately $70 million, Murphy would possibly become the first stand-up comedian to command such a high paycheck from the streaming service. Other high-paying deals by Netflix in the same genre don’t even come close to this deal, with the second-highest one, signed with Dave Chappelle, receiving $60 million in return for two specials on Netflix. The third most-lucrative stand-up deal with Netflix was signed by Chris Rock, who commanded $40 million to deliver two shows.

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Comedians like Dave Chappelle have already done stand-up shows for the platform.

Although we are not sure if Murphy is expected to perform more than one special for Netflix, but in any case his first one is bound to become a global phenomenon, thanks to the fact that Netflix is available in many countries around the world whereby all users would be able to access the special as soon as it releases on the platform unless, of course, it is blocked in some countries due to country-specific restrictions, and also because this would be his first stand-up act in a very long time.

Viewers and critics alike would definitely be comparing the quality of this special to Eddie Murphy Raw, a stand-up film done by Murphy around 30 years ago which was also released in theaters.

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