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Electric Powered Luxury Cars in Vogue as the Year Unfolds

Jaguar and Tesla’s creations

The unveiling of the much talked about Jaguar 1 pace car last year undoubtedly, showed other manufacturers of electric luxury cars that indeed a superb player has joined the field.

It is expected nonetheless, that from this year to the next, Jaguar will be facing fierce bout from top players in the car manufacturing sector. They include companies like ; Benz, Porsche, BMW, and Audi.

Tesla company is definitely not left out as they are quite expected to make the bout even more interesting with additional features here and there.

2019 will be a year of electrically powered vehicle inventions.

Meanwhile, Tesla is yet to unveil its project, Model Y, though they are expected to showcase the car this year and thereafter start the manufacturing of the cars in 2020.

Audi E-tron

Audi company is not left out as they too are on the verge of completing their electric luxury cars as soon as practicable as their latest electric car, Audi E tron was brought to the limelight on the last quarter of last year.

As a way of indicating their readiness to completing the project as soon as possible, the Audi company is currently accepting a deposit of $1,000 for the vehicle which is expected to flood America’s market in spring.

Audi and Tesla are battles ready to compete for the automobile marketplace.

The vehicle, E-tron, was first showcased in San Francisco, America as it is estimated that Americans will be the biggest patronizers of the vehicle. The vehicle, E-tron, kick-started with the price tag of $75,000.

Few months after the showcasing of Audi E-tron, Audi introduced yet the Audi E-tron GT, a sports car which according to the company, serves as a template of the vehicle the company intends producing and selling in 2020.

It is worthy of note then that Audi’s set of electric powered luxury cars are to include; E-tron, E-tron GT and SUV electric. These vehicles are expected to be produced this year and selling them commences this year or 2020.

Audi E-tron.

Benz joins the contest

Mercedes Benz company is certainly part of electric driven cars manufacturers. Just like Audi, they showcased their SUV electric car, BENZ EQC last year.

As regards physical outlook, the vehicle is not entirely distinct from other SUVs produced by the company that is powered by gas. The car’s shape is just a bit lower than other SUVs and also has nature of sports cars.

However, Benz company opined that manufacturing processes of the car will start this year while it is expected to be out for sale in America in 2020.

Taycan from Porsche

Porsche company came out to say that its first car to be solely powered by electric, Taycan, is expected to start undergoing a manufacturing process in the last quarter of this year. The company restated the point that the electric powered car which is capable of generating 600 horsepower will definitely thrill their customers with its amazing features.

The Taycan as the company opined, can within 3 seconds, go from 0 to about 60 miles per hour. It is definitely not the fastest car there is but the company went ahead to assure its patronizers that the car has the ability to maintain power and speed that cannot be equaled by any other car which when coupled with its other amazing features, will definitely leave customers in awe.

BMW’s vision 2021

BMW company in a bid to stay unique, replicated the belly of an airplane while unveiling its electric powered car. The production and selling of the electric car is expected to kick-start between 2020 and 2021 respectively.

The BMW company while touring various cities of the world in the company of media personnel revealed its electric-powered SUV, Vision iNEXT.

The car’s outlook is quite unique as its front has a kidney-shaped feature that leads to the car’s engine.

Its internal technological features are not bad as well. The inside was structured in such a way that knobs and other parts of the car when not in use will automatically disappear.

Meanwhile, before the arrival of the much talked about Vision iNEXT in 2021, the BMW company intends selling its BMW iX3 in 2020.

The BMW iX3 model in question was produced with BMW technique that entails being able to reproduce the same model of car that can be powered with either gasoline or electric.

The BMW iX3 model is expected to be manufactured in China from where it will be distributed all over the world.

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