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Ellen DeGeneres Just Sold This Gorgeous House Within a Week of Its Listing, and Made over $4 Million In Profit!

Although this should not come as a surprise to anyone, talk show host and America’s sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres has made some moves in the real estate sector yet again. This time, she has decided to sell one of her properties, a gorgeous compound located in the Carpinteria region of California right on the beachfront.

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Ellen DeGeneres is among the most popular TV personalities of all time.

According to the listing price, the compound was all set to sell for an amazing $24 million price tag. Considering the extensive experience Ellen has garnered over the years with her many purchases and sales in the luxury property segment, this price was bound to be more or less justified for the value the house had to offer, apart from the appeal that it had been owned by a celebrity of Ellen’s stature.

Getting a Good Price

Indeed, Ellen listed the property at a very good price as the house found a buyer within a week of having gone on the market, that too at almost the same price as the original listing, a rare phenomenon in the real estate market that is prone to negotiation.

According to reports, the house was sold for approximately $23 million, just around a million short of what Ellen had originally anticipated. Or perhaps she had deliberately quoted a slightly higher price to leave some room for the mandatory negotiation.

We can see why Ellen fell in love with this place, as it offers the perfect blend between being home as well as a beach-side resort.

Ellen has certainly generated a handsome profit on the sale of the property, garnering approximately $4.5 million in nominal profits after having originally bought the house back in 2017 for a mere $18.6 million. But it wasn’t profitability that Ellen was after when she invested in this house, although that has definitely been an added advantage almost every time that she has spent money on a new house (which is almost every few months).

A Gorgeous Place

The house is definitely very attractive and certainly caught Ellen’s eye, which is why she decided to buy it in the first place. It has four bedrooms and spans over an area of around 7000 sq. ft. It comes with its own beachfront area that is privately owned by the owner of the house, and this patch itself is approx. 77 ft. in length.

To take full advantage of the beachfront, a seaside deck has also been installed as well as a private patio on the rooftop.

The house is one of the most gorgeous properties we have seen in quite some time

As far as the indoors are concerned, perhaps to take full advantage of the windy atmosphere without actually making the effort to step outside of the house, there is an enclosed courtyard right around the center. This comes with its own fireplace. Apart from these specific places, the entire house has a lot of windows in place of walls, taking full advantage of the breathtaking views of the ocean.

For the fun element, the house has a tennis court. To entertain guests, a separate guest house has enough room and is luxurious enough to entertain even the most high profile people. Although reports have stated that Jamie Kern Lima, who is a big name in the makeup business, is the new owner of the house, this has yet to be confirmed.

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