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Ellen DeGeneres Is Offering Her Home For Sale, Only After Four Months Of Buying It!

Ellen DeGeneres is among the most popular TV presenters today and maybe in the history of the television. But, besides her charming smile and a tremendous sense of humor, she also has acute intelligence in real estate. Over the years, Ellen has made quite a fortune from property transactions and her amazing television career.


Pinterest | In addition to having a great sense of humor, Ellen DeGeneres is quite sharp in matters of real estate

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Ellen and her partner Portia De Rossi, in a move that some may find surprising and others genius, have decided to offer their Montecito, California house for $6.9 million. The property located in Santa Barbara was bought by the couple for $3.6 million only four months ago! Come to think of it; they haven’t even enjoyed the house properly yet. But then, if you’re going to extract a double profit out of a deal, why wouldn’t you make it, right?

The property itself is considered somewhat unusual since it was built in the 1700s as a barn in England. Then it was carefully and accurately dismantled and shipped to California, where the structure was entirely rebuilt. During the restructuring, the house’s parts were linked together using Orangerie, a glassed-in solarium used in the past to store climate-sensitive plants and trees.


MansionGlobal | If the sale goes through Ellen and Portia will earn twice the amount they invested on the house

Portia reportedly had taken charge of the home’s designs. She added numerous decors, paintings, and artifacts to the parlor and even in private rooms. The much in love couple developed all the houses’ facilities and modernized it to the best of what it could be, including the kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms, and even the rustic appearance of the 5,500 square feet house.

This is not new or strange for Ellen and Portia, as they are counted among the most famous Hollywood stars fond of flipping houses every once in a while. The couple still has a lavish, Balinese-inspired compound in Montecito, California, which they bought at the beginning of 2019 for $27 million.

Ellen and Portia currently reside in a mansion in Los Anglos worth $42.5 million, which they purchased from Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine, who had only purchased the house a year earlier from Erik Hyman estimated at $34 million.


KoiMoi | Ellen and Portia are among Hollywood’s longest-lasting power couples

Ellen, who has a heart full of love and a sense of humor that the world has enjoyed for many years, seems to have a brilliant mind. We all wish her and Portia all the happiness, which she still gives us back with every episode she makes.

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