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Ellen DeGeneres Is Selling This Gorgeous Beachfront House, and We Don’t Know Why, Because It’s Perfect!

We have often talked about the various house changes that Ellen has made over the years. There is usually no solid reason why she wants to move. From what we have come to know about Ellen’s house changing behavior, her reason to change a house could be as simple as the fact that she has become bored of it, even though it may be the most gorgeous piece of property in the world.

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Ellen DeGeneres is among the most iconic personalities of our time.

Now, there are reports that Ellen has decided to sell off one of her very recently acquired properties for a massive $24 million, even though she had gotten it for a much lesser $18.6 million price tag. This property is located in the Carpinteria region of California and is spread over an area of around one acre. But the best part: it’s built right in front of the ocean.

About The House

If you consider the fact that Ellen purchased this house just two years ago, and if the house sells at the listed price, then it’s very impressive that Ellen would’ve made around $6 million in profit simply for buying and selling a property. But the house somewhat deserves this price tag as well, there is no doubt about it.

Measuring around 6900 sq. ft., the main house constructed on the property comes equipped with three bedrooms as well as three bathrooms (excluding another half bathroom). The property also features a guest house in case one has a company staying over, and this one has a single bedroom as well as two bathrooms.

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Ellen’s listed property is sure to sell like hotcakes.

Access To The Beach

But the most premium feature has to be the 77-ft beach that the residents of the house can access right from the terrace that opens on the beachside. The exclusivity of the beach is bound to be a very attractive feature for anyone who values privacy and cannot otherwise get it on more open beaches.

In the listing, the house description is entirely focused on this beachfront aspect as well, which shows just how important this feature is to the entire concept of the property. This makes sense considering the price tag of the house, as the rich buyers would not be too interested in the number of rooms or bathrooms that it has, as such functionality can be offered by many other, cheaper houses. Rather, they would want to know the other exclusive features which justify such a hefty price.

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Carpinteria offers gorgeous views of the ocean regardless of the vantage point.

Another major feature that is bound to attract buyers is the distance that the region of Carpinteria has with the busier parts of California. Although the house has a long commute if you want to get into LA, spanning over an hour and a half, those who want such distance from the noisy life of the city would find this property to be absolutely perfect just to get some peace of mind.

It makes sense why Ellen would’ve wanted to grab this property, for its multiple outdoor decks as well as an outdoor courtyard. This house definitely offers the perfect way to enjoy a beach.

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