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Ellie Goulding’s Dress Took 640 Hours To Make, And This Is The Shocking Amount Of Effort That Went Into It!

Getting married is obviously a huge deal for most women around the world, mostly because there is a lot of preparation which needs to be made in order to ensure that their big day looks and feels absolutely magical.

And one of the most important components of the ceremony is the dress which the bride is going to wear. Ellie Goulding wanted to make sure she aces this aspect and hence decided to opt for a dress made by the one and only Chloe.

Ellie Goulding is famous around the world for her unique voice

Without a doubt, Goulding looked stunningly gorgeous in her bespoke gown when she exchanged vows with her now-husband Casper Jopling, who works as an art dealer. Their wedding ceremony took place at the beautiful York Minster Cathedral, located in the North Yorkshire vicinity.

A Combined Effort

While most people who hire the services of designers don’t have a lot of input to offer in the dress-making process, simply because they lack the insight of what their dress should look like, at least compared to the designer’s vision. But Goulding did not take the backseat after giving her order for the dress to Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the designer responsible for making her gown.

Instead, according to the designer herself, Goulding was involved with the process every step of the way mostly to make sure that the final dress fit the description of what she wanted her envisioned dress to look like, at least as closely as possible.

Goulding looked stunning on her wedding day wearing her Chloe gown

The Process

While detailing the process which went into making this dress, Ramsay-Levi revealed that both of them had shortlisted a few references in a sort of collage which took inspiration from the Victorian era, as Goulding had wanted the Victorian aesthetic infused in the design of her dress.

They also collaborated with the York cathedral to align the look of the dress with the feel of the location which was to host the ceremony.

According to Ramsay-Levi, the input provided by Goulding made the dress-making process very inspiring and also quite easygoing, and the output was very satisfying to her as it conformed with her perception of the wedding dress that she had wanted to wear, one that represented her own style preference.

As a result of their joint effort, a gorgeous gown was born, complete with hand embroidery and details made with glass beads, although it took the entire team more than 640 hours in total.

The dress looked as Victorian as Goulding wanted, without losing that classic Chloe touch

As for Goulding herself, she said that working with Natacha was an exciting and thrilling experience as she had been in love with the Chloe brand for many years, and considering the bond she had developed with it, it was only natural that she wanted it to be included in her big day.

Goulding also complimented the efforts made by Natacha who, according to her, worked with her and created a timeless piece that was also very classical in appearance, all the while maintaining the essence of the Chloe brand. The dresses worn by her bridesmaids were also designed by the same designer and were pale blue in color.

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